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A Peek Into the Youth Plastic Surgery Frenzy

Beautification? Or becoming someone else?


Skin whitening, eyelid surgery, nose jobs, face injections, etc…. These cosmetic surgery procedures have become more and more popular in China. Many young girls choose the eyelid surgery as a graduation present, or even travel to Korea to have their faces carved up so that they can return to their friends looking beautiful. For those who cannot afford an expensive surgery, participate in the Chengdu TV show MyLife Beautiful Asia Project: winners can receive free cosmetic surgery for free.

Two American students, Ben Mullinkosson and Bobby Moser came to China and were shocked to discover that young, healthy, good-looking girls restructure their faces so they could look more like a Westerner (Caucasian). They decided to film an 18-year-old girl who entered the cosmetic surgery competition, and document this process of “saying goodbye to her face”.

This documentary is titled What I Hate About Myself, and Ben and Bobby have successfully reached their goal on Kickstarter. The duo pledged $2,400 for the film’s post-production and distribution expenses.


     “In one of the fastest growing cities in the world, the people of Chengdu are restructuring their faces as fast as buildings are being constructed. The Sichuan MyLike Cosmetic Hospital has paired with a local TV station to create the MyLike Beautiful Asia Project. Winners of this competition receive free cosmetic surgery.

     In a world where people believe a new nose can determine your future, 18-year-old Christine enters the competition, aiming to become more “western.” After winning the competition she must make life-altering decisions that will affect her future forever. This personal, yet globally relevant film takes a cinéma vérité look into the heart of China asking: what does it mean to want to look “white”?”

You can read more about their project and the story on their Kickstarter page and the film’s website.

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