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Baijiu Brand Jian Nan Uses Game Of Thrones Opening In TV Ad

China is the Game of Thrones, according to baijiu brand Jian Nan. Check out their epic commercial!


Via Beijingcream.com

How did you enjoy the season debut of Game of Thrones yesterday? (No spoilers, please.) Enough to watch its opening cinematic co-opted by baijiu brand Jian Nan in a commercial? The video is a few months old, but it was just posted on That’s Beijing yesterday, with RFH writing:

Not sure what explains the Game of Thrones connection, other than that Chinese history is too long, often unwieldy, tortuously complicated, filled with names you cannot remember and most of the last few hundred years is to be found in the Fantasy section.

In the world of Chinese sorghum liquor, King’s Landing is “Inner Hangu Pass,” Winterfell is “End of Yellow River,” everything north of The Wall is, hilariously, “Hebei,” the deserts and grasslands of the Dothraki are the “Long Mountains.” Hmm. What have you, Westerosians… blasphemy?

Written by: Anthony Tao

Image Courtesy of  Beijingcream.com

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