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Another Ring for Beijing to Wear

Beijing plans for a new 7th Ring Road to connect with Hebei


Beijing plans to complete a new 7th Ring Road that connects to several of Hebei’s highways, forming a “large outer ring” by the year of 2015, China Daily reports:

“The 940-kilometer highway is expected to open in 2015. Beijing would only cover 90 kilometers, linking the city’s distant districts, and the rest will extend into Hebei province. It will be connected to many existing highways, including the Beijing-Shenyang Line and Daqing-Guangzhou Line.

The highway is designed to encircle Beijing, as its predecessors do, and therefore will be called the city’s 7th Ring Road.”

The new 7th Ring Road won’t be a closed loop highway in the traditional sense. Beijing Municipal Commission of Urban Planning previously informed the Beijing News that the Miyun-Zhuozhou highway’s Beijing portion had been approved, which will encircle Beijing in a C shape. Urban planners hope that this would ease the existing traffic passing through southwest Beijing to the greater Beijing area. At the same time, as the highway will connect Beijing and its satellite cities extending into Hubei, these smaller cities will have an opportunity to develop while alleviating Beijing’s urbanization problems.

The concept of this 7th Ring has already excited Hebei’s real estate companies. Beijing News found that some recently built properties already advertise themselves as “next to the Miyun-Zhuozhou Highway, reaches Beijing in 45 minutes.”

So far, Beijing has 6 Ring Roads. A brief introduction translated from Beijing News:

2nd Ring Road: Beijing’s first expressway Ring Road. The expressway opened for traffic in September of 1992, and was China’s first closed-off, stoplight free city expressway. 32.7 kilometers long.

3rd Ring Road: built at the beginning of the 1980s, the 3rd Ring Road is comprised of the Haidian, Xicheng, Chaoyang, and Fengtai lines. 48.265 kilometers long.

4th Ring Road: its average distance from the city center of Beijing is approximately 8 kilometers. The 4th Ring Road is 65.2 kilometers long.

5th Ring road: construction started November of 2000, and completed in October, 2003. 98.58 kilometers long.

6th Ring Road: also known as G4501 Beijing Ring Expressway. 187.6 kilometers long. Completed on September 12, 2009.

Photo courtesy of The Telegraph, UK. 

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