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How Lonely Are Chinese Single People

Loneliness Index of Singles shed some light on dating in China


How Lonely Are Chinese Single People

Loneliness Index of Singles shed some light on dating in China


China’s largest matchmaking website has published a report on dating and marrying culture. 83,656 people participated in the survey, among which 67,467 samples were deemed as qualified. The loneliness index compiled based on the survey results, shed interesting light on the state of single people in China, as well as gender differences when it comes to dating and pursuing love.

Quanqiu Tech unveiled the specifics:

“Chinese single men’s loneliness index number is as high as 78.0, significantly higher than single women’s 68.9. Men are the loneliest in Inner Mongolia, Shanxi Province, and Heilongjiang. The three biggest reasons for being single are found to be ‘waiting for the right one to show up,’ ‘feeling trapped,’ and ‘too busy with work.’ As many as 70 percent of the single people feel that they have already lost the drive to pursue love.” 

When asked if they have felt lonely in the last month, 89% of single men answered yes, while 79% of single women admitted feeling lonely.

by generation

“Results also show that, compared to the post-80s and post-90s generations, the post-70s generation feel more alone. Those born in the decade of 70s are usually too busy with work to date or not open to dating due to past failed relationships. 89 percent of the surveyed male and 82 percent of the surveyed females say that their sense of loneliness increases as they get older. “


The survey also asked whether the takers would actively pursue a relationship or wait for love to happen. 83 percent of Chinese females chose to wait for love to fall upon them, but at the same time, only 53 percent males would be willing to take action and seek their other half. Many of the surveyed men, the article says, are afraid to ask girls they like to go out with them because they might be turned down. They would rather be on the computer or read to pass their lonely hours.

salary and education

Women have higher standards for their partners’ material assets and personality. Over 50 percent of the single women in the survey thought that a man with money, real estate property, and intelligence are more worthy of their love. The more educated a woman is, the higher the expectations for her partner’s intelligence and spirituality. Low self-esteem hinders lower-educated and lower-salaried males from finding love, as more than half of men say that they cannot fall in love because their monthly salary is lower than 2,000 RMB.


Survey results suggest that both men and women place great importance on their parents’ opinions. 47 percent of males and 49 percent of females say that they care very much what their parents think, as well as how they and their partner will be viewed by friends and society. 29 percent of the survey takers think that being single is their own choice and is none of other people’s business.

Women and men from different provinces scored differently. Women from Yunnan are the most proactive, women from Shanghai have the highest expectation of their partner’s intelligence and taste, and 5.4 percent of women from Urumqi are willing to live alone. Inner Mongolian men scored highest on waiting for love to happen, while Zhuhai’s men scored highest on being proactive in their pursuit of love.

Image courtesy of news.ah361.com.