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Sketchy Sino Signs Pt 2

Because once wasn't enough, we're back with another bunch of sketchy Sino signs!


This is part two of our showcase of funny English signs in China. The last time we came across these signs we were introduced to a racist park, mutant coconut candy (for only 1.19 Yuan I might add), and a supermarket that’s not shy on how it feels about the certain prices of goods.

This time around we couldn’t help but wonder how these mistakes could have happened. However, on examining the signs a bit more closely, and with the help of my Chinese colleague, we were able to see exactly what went oh-so-wrong. It seems that there is some direct translation crime happening here. Everything is being literally translated word for word and creates a whole new (and hilarious) meaning in English. In some cases, the signs are written with characters placed to create a similar sound to the word in English however, when read and translated directly, they mean something completely different.

Check out the fun below via China Whisper


In case you didn’t know son


The two characters together mean cup but separately the last character means son. The placement of the characters caused them to be translated as separates hence the unnecessary addition of “son”













For all you meat lovers out there


The sign is supposed to say “Dried vegetables”. The character 干 means dry in the dictionary, in spoken language it can also mean the f-word












Don’t forget to lock your biycle when you park here


“Parking for bicycles” is correctly translated however this sign has a few spelling mistakes













“Exit”/”Export”. . .either way it’s out of here, right?


This is supposed to read “Exit”. Google translate the character 出口 and you will understand why the sign reads “Export”













Til death do us part?’ Not for this couple…and their lungs


A literal translation of the dish which was said to have been created by a couple. However, because it was literally translated, it created a whole new meaning in English, one which is probably associated with murder of some sort.

















Because deep frying is so unhealthy for you


In the case of the hand dryer the characters: 手(hand) and the traditional character 機 shown above for machine, which is simplified here to 机, make sense apart. However, when placed together they literally mean “Call-Phone”.
















We’ve all had one of those days in the office when you just feel like you’re in a thing tube


Yes this’s supposed to read simply “Office” but we tried and tried to decipher what this person was thinking with “the thing tube” and we couldn’t














Oh dear, this can’t be good


What this is meant to say is “Hot dog doughnuts”. The first two characters correctly mean hot dog and the last three together sound like the English word “doughnuts” but the last character 艾滋 (Àizī) in that particular phrase means AIDS.























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