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Pick-up artist claims Chinese girls are ‘easy’

Self-styled pick-up artist says Chinese woman are an 'easy' target.


As far as picking-up girls goes, Chinese woman are ‘easy’, according to American writer and self-professed “pick-up artist”, Daryush Valizadeh. Valizadeh, known by the somewhat bizarre monikers ‘Roosh V’ or ‘Roosh Vörek’, has been widely-labelled a misogynist, and has self-published 14 books giving advice on seducing women around the world. His books have been dubbed by some as ‘rape guides’.

Roosh V’s graduated from the University of Maryland with a degree in microbiology. A couple of years after graduation, he started blogging anonymously about his failed attempts at sleeping with girls. As the blog started to take over more and more of his life (though the jury is out whether he had one to start with), he quit his job to write a book. Roosh V has his own forum with a number of loyal followers from all over the world. His name went viral this week, when one of the forum members created a world map on targetmap.com  with the title ‘Easiness of Girls By Country’.


The map is easy to read, with colors ranging from dark green, light green, yellow, orange and red, signalling how easy it is to sleep with a woman from a given country. The map shows China  colored light green, meaning that Chinese girls are ranked 2, meaning Chinese girls are “easy to bang”. This map has gained more than 1.4 million views in just a few days, and caused quiet a stir.

According to rooshvforum, here is some reasons why Asian girls like white guys:

A member under the name scorpio wrote:

“Like all girls, they look for social approval from their peers before they decide to date anyone. Asian chick tend to be the most conformist and least individualistic, more so than blacks and whites. So this need for social approval is high. Even if they’re attracted to Latins/blacks, they’re more conscious of the disapproval they get from their peers. I’m not saying it’s right. In fact, I think it’s incredibly lame.” 

User hydrogonian said:

“Asian women like White men for the same reason every other race of women like white men.
All women want to “date up”. Plus, Asian men have really done a poor job in my opinion of keeping their Game up to date. For a culture that seems to focus so much on education, I think they sometimes forget to study social intelligence and the science of mating. “

The presence of forums such as Roosh V’s undoubtedly leave a sour taste in the mouth for many, and often leave a lingering feeling that the users of them spend more of their life having ‘alone time’ in front of their computers than they do actually going out and meeting women, easy or otherwise.

 Image courtesy of goldstein-goldstein.blogspot.com

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