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World’s Largest Halloween Party set to hit Tianjin: Update

Time to party it up in bad costume. What's the worst that could happen?


World’s Largest Halloween Party set to hit Tianjin: Update

Time to party it up in bad costume. What's the worst that could happen?


Wanna party in a huge (faux) French chateâu? Check. Taking part in a Guinness World Record? Count me in! No stranger to setting bizarre world records, China residents are amassing for a booze-filled night of partying in an unusual venue, to say the least. They are trying to take home the title of  “the world’s largest Halloween costume party.” On Friday, November 1, Nightowl Entertainment is hosting the Electric Castle Halloween Party at one of the largest castles in Asia, Dynasty Chateâu.

The Dynasty Chateâu, 20km north of downtown Tianjin, is a wine museum and headquarters for the Dynasty Fine Wines Group, one of leading winemakers in China. The chateâu combines two of the most renowned architectural aspects of France. The 11,000 square-meter castle features the spires, towers and marble statues of the Palace of Versailles. According to Bordeaux Undiscovered, the statues pay tribute to The Greek God of Wine, Dionysus.

The glass-and-metal pyramid structure that sits prominently in front of the main gate is inspired by the Louvre of Paris. The interior of the chateâu is filled with all-things-French-royalty, including tapestries, suits of armor, swinging chandeliers, and an armchair owned by 16th century French author, Michel de Montaigne.

On November 1, this colossal building will be masquerading as a Halloween-themed castle. With enough space for an underground haunted house, media installations, beer pong, Wii tournaments, laser tag, and a three-stage lineup of DJs (Audio Prostitutes and DJ Daiquiri!).

Yet, Time Out Beijing is skeptical that this Tianjin Halloween bash will succeed in breaking the world record set in 2010 at the Orleans “Halloween Gathering” at a football game:

It might not be enough for Guinness, but it sounds like come November 1 a few personal records might be broken, regardless.”

What I am more interested in is why on earth would the owners of the chateâu agree to have hordes of drunken students, wayward expats, and other assorted misfits anywhere near their delicate chandeliers and marble statues.

Here is a video to get you hyped about the venue.

Check out the flyer below (courtesy of City Weekend):

Night Owl Halloween Party

Night Owl: Electric Castle Halloween Party

The Night Owl Entertainment: Electric Castle Halloween Party is taking place at the Dynasty Chateâu in Tianjin on Friday, November 1. Visit the official site for full details.


UPDATE: Basically, the party turned out to be pretty much a disaster. Find out more here.


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