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There are so many options for exercise, a morning stroll, a nice bit of tai chi,  walking backwards whilst clapping, maybe, or just taking a walk in 882 pound iron shoes. OK, so, iron shoes might not be your first choice, hell, you wouldn’t think it was anybody’s’ first choice, but it is exactly what gets Zhang Fuxing‘s juices flowing.


Zhang Fuxing in action.
gif courtesy of Kotaku

Zhang, from Hebei Province, claims that walking in the heavy shoes helped heal his back and that they can even cure hemorrhoids. He walks up to 15 meters each day, though, as can be seen from the video, he does it very slowly and with great difficultly. Zhang explains how he believes that it is not brute strength that enables him to wear the shoes: “the power comes from internal organs,” he says.

Such beliefs stem from the teachings of the martial art Qigong. Iron shoes are used by other people, but not nearly as heavy as Zhang’s.  One of Zhang’s neighbors, Chen Guanghua remarked: “We’ve all worn his iron shoes, it makes your legs feel better.”

There are several further goals Zhang says he wants to achieve, such as adding more weight to his iron shoes: “Next spring I plan to add 50 kilograms.” Aside from the continued health’benefits, his goal might well be something to do with the Guinness Book of Records, but there is a lot of competition if he wants to get into the book: Zhang Zhenghui from Changsha holds the record for walking 10 meters (backwards) in heavyweight iron boots, and Lai Yingying from Fujian, wears boots weighing 300 kilograms.

Another upside of such heavy shoes is that Zhang can leave them outside without fear of them being stolen, which will ensure that Zhang can continues his somewhat bizarre exercise and try to achieve his goal.

images courtesy of  AFP news agency.

video from YouTube

video from Youkou



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