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Killing pollution with kung fu

Elementary school children in Hebei learn martial arts to combat the haze


We all hate pollution, but what’s the answer? Kick its ass, that’s what! An elementary school in Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province, is all set for some serious smog take-down and have developed a special set of special martial arts moves to help students, ‘combat the haze’. The twenty-three set of moves are believed to enhanced physical fitness and strengthen the lungs, which will help expel harmful substances from the haze. Examples of some of the names of the movements include: Embracing the Moon (怀中抱月, huáizhōngbàoyuè), Separating Heaven and Earth (开天辟地, kāitiānpìdì), Splitting Hua Mountain (力劈华山, lìpīhuàshān), and Lifting the Moon from the Bottom of the Sea (海底捞月, hǎidǐlāoyuè).

Some of the moves the children are practicing are as follows:

Image courtesy of ChinaNews.com

Sun-fist punch
Image courtesy of ChinaNews.com


Pressure-point message
Image courtesy of ChinaNews.com

Image courtesy of ChinaNews.com

The Snake.
Image courtesy of ChinaNews.com


White Crane spreads its wings.
Image courtesy of ChinaNews.com


Fierce Leopard.
Image courtesy of ChinaNews.com

Willow Palm Strikeimage courtesy of icpress.cn

Willow Palm Strike
image courtesy of icpress.cn

image courtesy of ChinaNews.com


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