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Crazy English founder goes crazy

English educator claims he hit his wife out of love for his country


Famous educator and founder of “Crazy English” Li Yang once enjoyed immense popularity across China, as he swept the nation’s English learners off their feet with his textbooks and unorthodox teaching methods. In recent years, his reputation has been somewhat tarnished by a domestic abuse scandal.

The wife-beater, who helped teach millions of Chinese Chinglish, has some serious problems with his sense of justice and morality. His American ex-wife, Kim Lee shared a video on her Weibo last week. In the video, “Crazy English’s” Li Yang proves that he is indeed crazy, by making a bizarre and vicious speech:

“Those who know I hit my wife, raise your hand! I am the spokesperson for domestic abuse!… This is a cultural clash between China and America; it has nothing to do with domestic abuse. One day, the Party and the state will rehabilitate me. I was doing something to educate Americans! My American wife was always criticizing China, accusing our Party of lying. In such a situation, could I not hit her?… Everyday accusing Beijing, saying that AQI is lying. She was lucky I could bear it, in America I would have shot her with a gun!”

Oddly, his audience seemed to clap their clap their hands to this. Perhaps they went to listen to Li Yang’s crazy “humor”. The majority of netizens, however, found his words incomprehensible and nasty.

久居深海o: Using a grand excuse and elevating it to patriotism to hide the fact that a scum like you beat woman, this type of speech is gross. Whether you beat Americans or Chinese, you should never hit women and children.

Other netizens were shocked by his outrageous words and his stupidity, calling him a “psychopath” and “morbid”.  Some even tagged the court and American Embassy, calling for his arrest. Not sure how the Party and the government would feel about standing up for this “representative of domestic abuse” and patriot, but the response probably wouldn’t be a positive one. Unfortunately, China’s judicial system has sometimes condoned male violence against women and overlooked women’s rights. Kim Lee still hasn’t been able to get a court to punish Li Yang for his beating of her.


Image courtesy of Guancha.

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