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Happy Happy China

China gets its happy on


China, apparently, is happy. From its humble beginnings on film soundtrack Despicable Me 2, “Happy” wasn’t even supposed to be released as a single. But now it’s an unstoppable force of nature, a record breaking piece loved across the globe topping the chart in 16 different countries, and being sung to a global audience at the Oscars.  The original video showed people dancing around LA singing and clapping to the song. All of which spawned many cover videos posted on the internet, where people from different cities throughout the world dance along to the song. China was no different; now, four of China’s biggest cities have posted their own version of  Pharrrell’s ‘Happy’. From Beijing to Macau, through to Shanghai and Hong Kong these cities show off their individuality and diversity all in the name of that sweet thing, happiness.

Beijing is happy:

Macau is happy:

Shanghai is happy:

Hong Kong is happy:

Just to make us all horrendously jealous here’s Happy in Tahiti:

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