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Nunchaku Wielding Water Delivery Guy Kicks Thief’s Ass

One thief stole from the wrong campus


The ancient Chinese idiom real masters are just hermits amidst the common people, certainly rang true at Foshan Institute of Technology in Guangdong Province, recently. A man delivering water on campus struck fear into the heart of a bike thief,  and went on to obliterate him while wielding nunchakus. Sina News reports:

“Huang sifu [master] was eating his dinner when he spotted a suspicious man walking around the boys’ dormitory attempting to steal a bike… Huang sifu put down his meal and ran to the security office. On CCTV, he monitored the man’s every move and ambushed him, after seeing he had cut the lock of a bike and was trying to escape. Huang kicked the thief off the bike with one simple kick, and started flaring his nunchakus, terrifying the thief. 

The thief was soon detained and the police arrived. The story quickly spread around campus and later on the internet. Master Huang became famous, with many praising his courage and generally all-round baddass-ery

邓健洋:那大叔威武霸气啊 平时看他送水的样子就知道不是等闲之辈

That dashu [uncle] is super cool. Judging from the way he delivers water on ordinary days. I know that he is not ordinary.


Let’s drink more water to thank that dashu……Anyway, it’s also good for us……


Please be my sifu!

The 56 year old Huang sifu has been delivering water for more than ten years, and when he is not busy, he practices Chinese martial arts. Except from nunchakus, Huang sifu is also skilled in other martial arts, and even makes his own weapons.


Image Courtesy of 新浪网 佛大微博协会

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