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The Viral Week That Was: Part 13

Crazy girl, new weibo star, a thief who gave money, 'glitch" buildings, painting ditched as trash, and calls for Dou Jingtong to come out as lesbian


The Viral Week That Was: Part 13

Crazy girl, new weibo star, a thief who gave money, 'glitch" buildings, painting ditched as trash, and calls for Dou Jingtong to come out as lesbian


*The Viral Week That Was is our weekly round-up of the last week’s trending memes, humor, rumor, gossip, and everything else Chinese netizens are chatting about.

The Chinese internet just  loves weird outlandish stuff, and this week’s top topics are further proof in the pudding: a middle school girl has become the darling of Chinese netizens by acting out a series of wild, crazy, strange, and borderline psychotic acts; a thief left 200 RMB to a family whose apartment he broke into, and apologized for his behavior; a 28 million HKD painting was thrown away because cleaners thought it was trash; and prurient netizens are desperately hoping Faye Wong and Dou Wei’s rather hot daughter comes out as a lesbian.

1. China’s Most Popular “Crazy Girl”

蛇精病 shé jīng bìng, literally “snake vixen syndrome”, and 深井冰 shēnjǐng bīng, literally “deep well ice”,  have been new buzzwords on Chinese social media, serving as the substitutes for 神经病 shénjīngbìng, the Chinese word for people who are psychotic, neurotic, and crazy. A middle school girl has become the poster girl for “snake vixen syndrome”, and the most beloved girl among netizens thanks to a series of hilarious gifs. TWOC thinks she’s pretty cool:

dancing in classroomstealing drinkstripping

Imagination versus reality

Imagination versus reality


She also did a series of meme impersonations:

Looking forward

The “looking forward” face


The “bawling” face


The “awesome” face


The "grabbing" face

The “grabbing” face

In the Weibo era of Green Tea Bitches, netizens found her wildness and disregard for feminine grace and restraint utterly refreshing. They look upon these gifs dearly, for this girl reminds many of them their carefree younger days, when they needn’t bottle up their true selves or keep up a certain image. While the majority of them say “hahahahaha” and “I love this crazy girl!”, most of them perhaps won’t admit that as much as they claim to be amused, they wouldn’t attempt to do the same in real life to sabotage their cutesy facade.


2. Thief with a Heart

The old age adage, “honor amongst thieves” often comes true. The Zhang family from Xuzhou in Jiangsu Province found an additional 200 RMB note after their place was “visited” by a thief, guancha reports. It appears that the family were so poor that not only did the thief find nothing to steal, but felt bad for the family and for breaking their door, which would have added to the family’s financial burden. So he tried to mend his mistake.

The apartment that Zhang rented

The apartment that Zhang’s rented

The thief wrote: "

The thief wrote: “I’m very sorry. The degree of your family’s poverty is one I’d never encountered before. Take the 200 yuan and get a new lock.”

As usual, responses were mixed on the Chinese internet. Some netizens were moved by the thief’s conscience, which, one netizen claimed, is better than some government officials. Others question the validity of the story, arguing that the thief should have returned all that he has stolen from his victims. Some said they were moved whether this story was true or not.


3. Painting Thrown away as Trash

Last week, on April 7, at an art auction in Hong Kong, “Snowy Mountain”, a painting by Cui Ruzhuo was sold for 28.75 million HK dollars. Yet the next day, when an auction house was closing for the day, the painting was found to have disappeared. After the police investigation, it was found that the cleaning staff may have thrown this multi-million work into the trash, which may have been sent to a refuse transfer station and may already be landfill. According to SCMP, it still remains to seen who will take the responsibility, the insurer, or the auction house. The Grand Hyatt hotel refused to admit that the deed was committed by one of its cleaners.

Many Chinese netizens, at least those who commented on the news story reported by ifeng, weren’t too sorry for the loss of such an expensive piece of art.  马贼马贼 said: “This is a great metaphor. Some so-called artworks really are trash.” He was reminiscent of director Feng Xiaogang’s argument with film critics over the new film Personal Tailor, where Feng claimed “you say it’s bad because you don’t understand it”. Several other netizens concurred, expressing hostility towards artworks and the rich collectors. Usually, such reaction is reserved for rather garish modern art, but this was a Chinese water-wash painting…




4. Dou Jingtong

Dou Jingtong, best-known for being the daughter of Chinese singer Faye Wong and Dou Wei, was hotly discussed last week. Following the release of her new music video “My Days”, netizens debated whether she has come out of the closet and she was in fact a lover of ladies. The speculation was simply due to her posting photos of her posing with another girl. In one of the photos (second one below), netizens identified an apparent hickey on her neck.

dou jingtong 1


dou jingtong 2


Dou Wei is  a Chinese legend, as is Faye Wong, one of the most successful female singers in China and abroad. Simply being their daughter has put her in the spotlight since birth. Fans’ hearts are swooning with the news of her entering the music business.

A lot of fans and netizens are really rooting for her to be lesbian. If she does confirm her sexuality, it would make her one of the first female celebrities to officially come out of the closet in China, often considered a career killer in the industry, despite Chinese pop-culture being deliriously full with all things homosexual.