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The 5 Coolest Beijing Metro Stations

A list of the 5 coolest subway stations in Beijing


The 5 Coolest Beijing Metro Stations

A list of the 5 coolest subway stations in Beijing


Beijing is expanding  at lightening pace on a daily basis, and so does the subway network.  Until relatively recently, it was a transport system with very few lines, simple and comfortable. But now the stations are becoming ever more ornate and complex, and not only cleaner and more convenient but more arresting visually too. Sometimes you can even catch yourself actually enjoying their beauty, yes beauty, on the commute to work.  So here is our top list of Beijing’s coolest metro stations.

Line 8 (the green line) is perhaps the most touristy of them all, and some of the stations are simply amazing:

Olympic Green (奥林匹克公园) station puts you within sight of the Olympic village and is also also known to be the forest station (森林), with the halls of the station making you feel like you are in enchanted an forest.



Beitucheng (北土城) station is well worth a look as it is inspired by Chinese porcelain:



The transfer station exits and entrances are beautifully styled too.


Our next stop is on the relatively  new Line 6 (a mustard colored line), all the stations are attractive and very Chinese themed, with red pillars and Chinese drawings,  Nanluoguxiang (南锣鼓巷) is a well-known tourist attraction because it leads to a wonderful hutong selling a host of Chinese knick-knacks.




It has a superb piece of modern art made of golden colored metal pieces.



Gongzhufen (公主坟) station is a transfer station for Line 1 (red line) and Line 10 (sky blue line) , and is by far and away the prettiest in my opinion; the walls are choc-full of awesome 3D art such as  a giant phoenix and butterflies.





And it is not only the new stations that catch the eye either, some of old ones are pretty interesting too. For example Beijing Zoo (动物园)  station on Line 4



Image from Photofans, Zhaobeijing, CnArts  and weibo users: 小强爱巴士 雨中之苇帆小帆1012一种昵称代表一种心情, 凌晨Q点, 米兰小镇, 喵小玉1030