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8 Reasons Why Western Women rarely Marry Chinese Men

Why don't Chinese men date foreign women?


8 Reasons Why Western Women rarely Marry Chinese Men

Why don't Chinese men date foreign women?


After being in China for some time, I’ve seen very few Western women going out with Chinese men.  I saw a couple in Shuangjing and one of our recent interns proved an exception to the rule. Conversely, I’ve seen legions of foreign guys arm in arm with Chinese women, especially in good old Sanlitun, Beijing. So just what is the reason for this seemingly unequal phenomenon? Well, no need to fret, our friends at China Daily have it all worked out and have come up with a list that gives us the lowdown:

Via China Daily:

1. Chinese men are shy.

Even in Chinese colleges a lot of Chinese men do not talk to or chase girls–they are shy. Perhaps they need to get over themselves and man-up.

2. Chinese boys are spoiled.

The one child generation has been affected the worst, they are used to their parents getting everything for them. Parents buy them a house and introduce wives to them–they can’t do much for themselves.  Foreign women are often independent are less likely to roll with a guy who is incapable of looking after himself like an adult.

3. Chinese men are racially insecure, especially when compared to Caucasians. 

It’s the same reason why foreigners are paid more for the same job in China; it’s why foreign guys get the girls and why Chinese men don’t dare go after the foreign ladies. Is there some kind of bizarre inferiority complex? If there is, there shouldn’t be.

4. Chinese men are traditional.

Traditional people are less open-minded  and will cut-out romance, and public displays of affection, which is a shame as a good making-out session is an integral part of many a foreign woman’s fantasies.

5. Chinese men cannot speak English well.

Many foreign men come to China and quickly learn the pick-up lines, and many Chinese girls speak excellent English anyway, so it is a  perfect match. However, Chinese men are more Sinocentric linguistically speaking and often uncomfortable speaking English, and this obviously doesn’t help them with the foreign ladies.

Click here to see the rest of the list.

So, there are many reasons why Western women don’t marry Chinese men, but it is not an impossible dream; there are plenty of cases where a marriage between a Western woman and Chinese man are hugely successful. We even wrote a recent blog on the subject of Sino-Western couples.  Still, for those men that are really desperate, they can always buy a bride from Vietnam,  and failing that, well,  I guess they will just be resigned to their fate as leftover men.