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Kung Fu Goes to Campus

Witness the mysterious kung fu and learn from a master on May 23


What kind of fantastical wuxia moves actually exist? What are the must-know self-defense moves? What habits are beneficial to the prolonging of life and the slowing of aging? You will find all the answers to these questions at the “Kung Fu Goes to Campus” event, held by The World of Chinese, on May 23.

Kung Fu Goes to Campus will be hosted by Zhao Yilong, a combat martial artist. The event will start off showing classic kung fu film scenes to familiarize the audience with these death-defying moves. Students and attendants will have the chance to step on stage and experience the legendary kung fu.

Zhao has many titles: international martial art ambassador, director of the world’s premier stand-up martial arts brand K-1, martial art program planner for  CCTV-4, and president of the Australia Kungfu Culture Association. He started training in Chinese martial arts at 8 years-old. In his teenage years, he received free professional combat training, and visited over 10 famous martial artists across the country to learn the combat skills of different schools of traditional martial arts.

During his stay in Australia, he became the first international student to open a martial arts school, and grew to be the most influential martial art instructor in the country. In these 12 years in Australia, Zhao accumulated abundant experiences in fighting against different international mainstream martial arts schools, returning to his homeland in 2012 to devote himself to the research of traditional Chinese martial arts, as well as spreading kung fu culture to people of all ages.

Time: Friday, May 23, 13:30

Location: Beijing Chinese Language and Culture College 北京华文学院

Address: No. 69, Qibei Road, Changping District, Beijing

RSVP to events@theworldofchinese.com

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