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The Viral Week That Was: Part 17

Dance battle on a train, the Sphinx of China, a breastfeeding flash mob, the fake fall king, and an ostrich runs wild in Beijing


*The Viral Week That Was is our weekly round-up of the last week’s trending memes, humor, rumor, gossip, and everything else Chinese netizens are chatting about.

Last week was another weird one for the nation’s internet: Chinese dama and their dancing fever have been a popular theme ON Chinese social media, and last week they took their dancing on a train; among other bizarre tourist attractions, China now has got its own Sphinx of Giza; dozens of young mothers took their breastfeeding onto the street; an old man was discovered to have been fake falling for over a decade; and an ostrich ran amok on Beijing streets.

1. Bring It On: dama on the train

Train rides are often long, boring, god-awful affairs. There’s no leg space, people play poker and eat  instant noodles, and then there’s the snoring. Some Chinese dama recently went viral by  turning the train into one of their beloved squares (such as the one outside the Louvre). On the train, one has eat, one has to use the bathroom, and the dama have to do  square dance.

The dance battle was captured on video by netizen 伦家好姑娘 on the K1063 train from Lankao to Zhengzhou. Netizens were soon debating whether the dama’s behavior was excusable or not. A man with grey-hair sat motionless with arms folded during the entire fiesta; netizens joked sympathetically: “It is said that this man couldn’t put up with the square dancing clamor downstairs, so he decided to take a trip elsewhere… However…”

Watch the group of dama dancing to Lo Ta-yu’s classic “Queen’s Road East” as another group of dama challenge them to a dance off:


2. China Gets A Piece of Giza 

Following footsteps of predecessors such as Thames Town, a complete copy of Austrian town Hallstatt, and the Eiffel Tower, Shijiazhuang district has seen the construction a full size replica of the Great Sphinx of Giza.

china sphinx 1


china sphinx 2


china sphinx 3


china sphinx 4


According to Sina News, the Sphinx is located on a filming base. On its southwest side are several Mongolian yurts, not far from replicas of various ancient Chinese architecture;  to the north lies a ranch, and on the northwest there are residential buildings. Next to the road leading to the sphinx are several jianbing stands. Always wanted to visit the pyramids? Now you don’t even have to travel to Egypt, and if you get hungry climbing the Egyptian architecture, you can have some Chinese snacks too…


3. Breast feeding Flash Mob

Fifty-six young mothers showed up at Fuzhou’s tourist-heavy Three Lanes and Seven Alleys (三坊七巷)  to breastfeed simultaneously, a local newspaper reports. When music started playing, the mothers revealed their breasts, and began feeding their baby until the music ended. The flash mob was organized to advocate the setting up public breastfeeding facilities to provide a better nursing environment for babies, as well as sparing mothers the embarrassment of exposing their breasts in public.

breastfeeding 1


breastfeeding 2


breastfeeding 3


While many Chinese supported with the mothers’ cause, others found it hard to understand or justify, seeing the women’s demands as a waste of taxpayers’ money and public resources.  水潤雙花 said: “is there no other cause to promote? If so, then should who ask for the construction of public baths take baths downtown? Ask for the construction of public bathrooms, then pee on the street?”


4. 81-Year-Old King of Flopping

In football, players often take a dive to gain advantage; in China, people often pretend to be hurt to gain compensation. Elderly Cao Wenxuan was hailed China’s “King of Flopping” , for having been pretending to fall in Hangzhou countless times for over a decade. Xinhua reports that in as early as 2004, there were media reports on Cao faking falls. A police officer who dealt with Cao many times told the reporter: “Since the beginning of this year, we haven’t received reports about Cao Wenxuan falling. But in May and June in 2012, we received calls from citizens almost every day. When we went to the scene, it was always the same face.”

cao fake fallerInterestingly, Cao’s fake falling never used to be about money. Previously, he just used the ruse as an opportunity to tell unsuspecting citizens fabricated stories about his son and daughter-in-law kicking him out, about him starving and wandering the streets of Hangzhou.

In reality, his three daughters and two sons treat him well, and he lives with his youngest son, who often travels in t Hangzhou to pick up his father after the his latest flop. Yet every now and then, Cao still can’t resist the temptation to sneak off to Hangzhou and take a dive.

Perhaps Cao only wanted strangers’ sympathy and kind words from the beginning. Now that fake falling has become a national trend, he has realized that, other than sympathy, he can score a bit of cash too.


5. Ostrich Running Loose in Beijing

Posted by 雷佳音, an ostrich received over 41,000 retweets last week, for running wild in Beijing and overtaking a taxi around 8 pm.

ostrich beijing 1

ostrich beijing 2

ostrich beijing 3

ostrich beijing 4

Jinghua Times reported that the 2-meter tall ostrich was one of four that escaped from a farm nearby. After racing cars on the street for five kilometers, the ostrich was finally caught by its owner and taken home. The owner didn’t retrieve the other three ostriches until 2 am.


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