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Trolling Toilets at 30,000 Feet

Man uses pinhole cameras to photograph women in airplane toilet


A 51-year old Taiwanese-American man, known only to the public as Liu, has been arrested by Taiwanese police after cabin crew discovered he had placed pinhole cameras in an Air-China flight’s lavatory.

As reported by the-sun.on.cc, the discovery occurred during an eight-hour flight from San-Francisco to Taiwan. During the flight a cabin-crew member was repairing the tap in the business class washroom when he discovered the pinhole camera between the rubbish bin and the cubical wall. Upon further investigation they discovered a memory card which was reported to contain footage of five passengers and a female cabin crew member using the restroom.

The crew-member then placed a “maintenance” sign on the toilet to stop other passengers from falling victim. However, Liu was then seen entering the washroom later in the flight, at which point it was alleged that he attempted to gather the equipment that the flight-attendant had removed earlier. Once the plane landed at Taoyuan International Airport, Liu was taken into custody where police  reportedly found six other devices on his person.

The accused known as Liu. Image courtesy of the Shanghaiist.

The accused known as Liu. Image courtesy of the Shanghaiist.

Liu only admitted to taking these candid images once the Taiwanese authorities presented him with the other cameras they found as well as the memory cards that accompanied them.

It has been reported that Liu denied assistance from American authorities because he didn’t want his wife or children, who are living in the US, to find out about this incident.

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