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A few more funny translation fails

Use of English in China still has a long way to go...


Not long ago seeing a Westerner on a Chinese street was uncommon and inspired bizarre reactions, but the past is a foreign country and things are now done differently here. And with so many more foreigners, well, restaurants and shops have taken it all very seriously and are committed to including English in many menus and signs. But these admirable attempt to transcend language barriers sometimes don’t quite work out and lead to inimitable little nuggets of humor. Here are a few of our favorites courtesy of  China Whisper:


What they meant to say: Stir-fried duck


What they meant to say: Please don’t eat non-restaurant food


What they meant to say: When trying on please ask help from shop assistant


What they meant to say: Caution! Watch your step


What they meant to say: Toilet


Images courtesy of China Whisper

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