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University reject girl for being disabled

Passing gaokao with flying colors doesn't mean much if you are disabled


Liu Wanling from Zhangzhou city, Fujian Province, has just graduated high school and passed the gaokao exam with 549 points, but she is not waiting for her acceptance letter from university. She has been rejected from Fujian Jiangxia College, not because she was not smart enough or her grades weren’t good enough, but because she is disabled.

The injustice Liu seemingly suffers is down to Fujian Jiangxia College Admissions Office, reports CCTV News. The admissions office claims they rejected Liu according to the regulations of the National Educational Department, the Health Department, and the China Disabled People Federation, all saying she did not meet the admission conditions.

They even asked her if she was willing to chose a major less popular among “normal” candidates, which she agreed to, but even after that, her application letter was dismissed. Fujian Jiangxia College claim they cares about students’ special circumstances, but after a comprehensive diagnosis and and “careful” study of her case they rejected her.

Netizens were angered when the news broke. 扬帆乘风: “This is an absurd extreme, there is an unfair treatment of people with disabilities, admission office people have brain damage!” Another user said, ” Damn it, she was not admitted but for fairness they let her take gaokao?”

China has long been criticized for its record on disabilities and  disabled people have suffered all manner of injustices; it seems there is still some way to go for the requisite improvements to be made.

Image courtasy of CCTV News

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