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Beijing prepares for APEC

Beijing fixes traffic and pollution...for the APEC meeting


The APEC (Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation) Leaders’ meeting will be held in Beijing from the 10th to 11th in November, and the government is preparing to be at its best during the meeting.

Preparations have already begun with Beijing authorities and the State Council approving a six-day holiday next month. From November 7 to 12, employee departments, institutes, and social organizations in Beijing will enjoy a holiday, with the exception of bureaus dealing with the APEC meeting and city management. The decision is part of a plan to ease traffic on the roads of the Chinese capital, reports China News. From November 3 to 12, the city will restrict the use of private vehicles based on even- and odd-numbered license plates, reducing the use of such vehicles by 35 percent, the municipal traffic committee said on Thursday, much the same as the Olympics back in 2008. All vehicles transporting construction waste and dangerous chemicals will be barred from the capital’s roads during this period, but the restriction will not apply to buses, taxis, and other vehicles such as police cars.

Also, the municipal government has drawn up eight plans to reduce industrial pollution during the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation forum. Well they better get to work, considering the current state of pollution is forecast to remain until Saturday, and on Thursday the municipal authorities raised the smog alert to orange, the second-highest level before red. As such, children and the elderly are not advised to engage in outside activities. Welcome to Beijing, APEC.

 Image courtesy of 凤凰网陈少勇


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