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Facebook cozies up to China’s top Internet regulator

Mark Zuckerberg is trying anything to get on the right side of Chinese internet regulators


Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg is trying anything to get on the right side of Chinese internet regulators. Back in October we reported on his attempts to woo a room of Students at Tsinghua University with his Mandarin. He delighted the Chinese audience by exclusively speaking in Chinese during the entire half-an-hour session. This week though, saw a visit from China’s top Internet regulator Lu Wei – who made the trip to Facebook’s Silicon valley offices in Los Angeles.

When photographs of Lu visiting Facebook’s offices appeared on Chinese state media, netizens noticed that President Xi Jinping’s book “The Governance of China” happened to be on Zuckerberg’s desk.

“I’ve also bought copies of this book for my colleagues,” Zuckerberg was quoted as saying by The Huffington Post . “I want them to understand socialism with Chinese characteristics.”

“The Governance of China,” a collection of more than 80 speeches by President Xi and according to the Washington Post, is “designed to show the answers to China’s problems”. It was published earlier this year and has been translated into a wide variety of languages and published around the world.

The exact circumstances of Lu Wei’s visit to Facebook are unclear. Officially referred to as the minister of the Cyberspace Administration of China, Lu was in Silicon Valley to visit a number of American technology firms, including Apple and Amazon. But in recent months several firms have been putting out feelers toward Chinese markets. Google reportedly is bringing its app store to China, and Facebook is preparing to open sales offices in Beijing for Chinese companies targeting oversees buyers.

Image courtesy of The China Story

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