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The 100 RMB Coma Cure

Lust for money does wonders for comatose former internet addict


Many mysteries surround coma patients, such as whether they can perceive what is happening in the outside world, if they are mentally active, and how long they can remain in a vegetative state.
These kinds of questions come into sharp focus when what seems to be a medical miracle occurs. The most recent example being when a man in a coma for a year and a half woke up to see a hundred-RMB bill in his face, while hearing the words “this money is yours, if you can get it, it’s yours.”

According to the news report by Southern Metropolis News (南方都市报), the man, surnamed Li, fainted in an internet cafe after several nights of incessant screen-staring in August of 2013. Unlike many other tragic young internet addicts, Li didn’t drop dead but survived in a comatose state.
Earlier in 2014, after being in a coma for about 200 days, Li finally showed slight responses to the outside world and reaction to pain. The miracle occurred when a nurse waved a 100-yuan bill in front of Li just as a test, and Li started lifting his trembling hand, when hearing that the only thing standing in the way of him and 100 RMB was that distance. It took him five minutes to grab it, but the incident was his final awakening from the coma.

Li’s mother told the reporter that Li’s arms have not fully recovered their agility even though he is awake. His family seems to have realized his powerful lust for money, and often uses money to make him exercise his arms. His success rate has risen to 100%, and he refuses to give his money to anyone else.

Ah, the sweet power of greed, able to pull a patient out of coma, who will hopefully soon regain his abilities to converse.

Image courtesy of nandu.com.

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