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China Gives Oscar-Winning Actor A Chance To Show His Kung Fu Side

Thanks to China, Oscar-winning actor Adrian Brody gets to embrace his Kung Fu side alongside Jackie Chan.


Despite Hollywood’s redoubtable fame and fortune in the movie industry, it seems like China’s on-screen pursuits have the upper hand in at least one thing, according to Oscar-winning American actor Adrian Brody, and that is martial arts.

According to Want China Times, Brody has ebulliently accepted the role in the new up-coming China-Hong Kong collaborative film, Dragon Blade. The Hollywood actor has stated that he believes this film will give him a “rare opportunity to explore his martial arts side.” I am fascinated to learn what exactly his martial arts side entails on screen, considering I have only ever seen him combat the famed oversized ape in King Kong and outshoot con-men in The Brother’s Bloom with Mark Ruffalo and Rachel Weisz.

But he’s not the only one who shares this high regard for martial arts. Apparently, co-star, John Cusack, alongside Brody, also indulged in martial arts films when he was younger. Brody even confessed that he used to escape to Chinatown to watch Kung Fu films. And now that he’s finally gotten the chance to do more than just watch the action-oriented roles he is so fond of, he has expressed genuine gratitude for the opportunity to be a part of what he described as a “great adventure” to work on this film.

Although Brody has already made his name among other Hollywood favorites in America, he admits that one of his motives for reaching out to this rather outlying shot was because he’s never had a chance to invent his martial arts side on screen in the states. He confessed, “Hollywood doesn’t necessarily embrace my ability to do that the way China has embraced it.” Working on this film has also given Brody the opportunity to work with one of the world’s most renowned Kung Fu artists in film, Jackie Chan. Brody admits, “I always dreamed of doing a movie with Jackie, and to do one in China in the Chinese language.” It looks like so many of his dreams that couldn’t be fulfilled in Hollywood are coming to life on the Chinese Mainland.

Dragon Blade, directed by Daniel Lee, seeks to acquaint its audience with a friendship between Roman and Chinese officers as they join together to battle against the Roman Emperor, played by Brody, who is eager to conquer and gain control over the Silk Road during the Han Dynasty.

The film comes at an ideal time as China seeks to push a newer incarnation of the Silk Road in its media and abroad, in an effort to build alliances and investments in Central Asia and beyond.

Images Courtesy of Collider

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