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Happy Year Of The Goat

Everything you need to know about the Year of the Goat


The Year of the Goat (or possibly sheep or ram, depending on who you ask) has arrived – but this being a zodiac animal, it’s not just any goat, this one is green, possibly blue, and made of wood.

Zodiac designations are far more than just animals – they can have elements such as wood, water or metal, or even colours. Last year’s symbol, for example, was the Blue Wooden Horse.

According to the Chinese calendar, 2015 is the Year of Green Wooden Goat, though some astrologers class it as a Blue Goat. The goat in general is a very good animal, full of wisdom, but doesn’t have quite the same attraction as other more powerful animals. This year is being seen as a lucky year for those who have their own business, or want to start something new on their own. The goat mainly encourages diligence, and is not a good year for the lazy.

It’s worth keeping astrological issues in mind when considering Spring Festival elements. If you do not have any idea about the Year of the Goat and what it means, here is some general information to get you started:

It is believed that people born in the Year of the Goat in general are tender, polite, sensitive and filial, as bad sides they are often considered timid, moody, indecisive and weak-willed.  But every year is different according to five Chinese elements: wood, fire, earth, water, gold.

Type of Goat      Year of Birth       Characteristics

Wood Goat         1955, 2015           Amicable, gentle, and compassionate.

Fire Goat             1907, 1967           Amicable, frank, and honest, always making everything clean and tidy.

Earth Goat          1919, 1979           Righteous, honest, straightforward, and will never harm their friends.

Gold Goat           1931, 1991           Ambitious and kind-hearted with a sense of responsibility in work; sometimes stubborn.

Water Goat        1943, 2003           Always ready to help others, and they can sacrifice their own interests for others

Horoscope and Numerology Elements for those who were born in a year of the Goat:

Lucky Colors: brown, red, purple.
Lucky Numbers: 2, 7.
Lucky Flowers: primroses, carnation.

Zodiac Sign Compatibility – Best match: Rabbit, Horse or Pig. Avoid: Ox, Dragon, Snake or Dog.

The Goat is a friendly, kind and domestic animal. So in order to have a good Goat Year, it’s necessary to be with friends, family and people that you care about the most. You can have a family dinner, but since the goat is a lively animal it is important to have fun and enjoy yourself, and no matter what, do not stay alone.

In order for “the Blue Goat” to be kind and friendly to you and your family, you should put out a wooden goat/sheep toy as the symbol of this year somewhere on the table, or any kind of goat/sheep toy for that matter. Your table has to have a lot of salads and dishes that contain a lot of grass, veggies and fruits. Dairy products like cheese are very welcome on the table, goat cheese as well. Since the goat is a vegetarian animal the less meat on the table the better, but it is okay to have chicken meat or any kinds of fish. A perfect way to welcome a goat into your family table is to have some baked goods, like fresh baked bread or a pie.

What to wear: since it is the year of a Blue Goat, all blue-green colors are perfectly wearable on New Year’s Eve, even if you do not like blue or green just choose something with natural palette , avoid acid colors like yellow and orange at any cost. Whatever you are wearing for the New Year it has to be comfortable, yet interesting and daring. Note to the material: this years favorites are suede, cashmere and velvet.

The astrologists believe your horoscope for the year depends on relations between your birth animal and an animal of the current year (Goat). Here is the forecast for your year ahead:

Rat – 2014 for not very good year for those who were born as a Rat, but 2015 promises to be much better. The Year of the Goat will bring you luck in your love life, not so much in your career.

Ox – The ox and goat are both domestic animals, but sadly they do not get along very well. 2015 might be a difficult year in terms of family and friends, you have to identify people around as a friend or as an enemy. The good thing is that your career seems to be on a roll.

Tiger – The Year of Goat is an exiting year for tigers in terms of money, it looks like you will be lucky. It is also a year for Tiger people to spend more time with their siblings, relatives, coworker or friends of the same generation.

Rabbit – The Year of the Goat will be a good year for rabbits. You will have joyful, happy and memorable events in 2015.

Dragon – The Year of the Goat is a year of success in career and luck in money for dragons.

Snake – The Year of Goat should be a smooth year for snakese. They don’t have to worry about any troubles coming in 2015.

Horse – Since the horse and goat get along very well, 2015 will be all about family, relatives, health and housing.

Goat – Since it is their year, 2015 is all about keeping a low profile. Your friendship, love relationships, money management or job competitions might encounter limitations during this year.

Monkey – It seems like Monkeys are the luckiest among the 12 animals in 2015. The Year of the Goat will bring protection and support from parents, bosses, mentors, teachers and supporters. The Year of the Goat also brings monkeys the Love Star, which means great romance awaits you.

Rooster – The Year of the Goat will bring the rooster the Money Star, which means money related events will occur.

Dog –  2015 represents career or pressures for dogs, and since dogs can be a little impatient they may not have good relationships with people.

Pig – The Year of the Goat provides a good working environment for pigs. Their combinations benefit each other. Also 2015 is a good year for students, pig students will have a very good academic performance this year.

Famous people born in the Year of Goat: Chow Yun-Fat, Zhang Ziyi, Li Shimin (Emperor Taizong of the Tang Dynasty 618 – 907), Cao Cao (King of Wei in China’s Three Kingdoms Period 220 – 280), Yue Fei (a patriotic general in China’s South Song Dynasty 1127 – 1279), and Empress Dowager Cixi

Image courtesy of Redocn.

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