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Lau Tells Parents to Hold Kids Tight During Travel Rush

Actor Andy Lau suggests if you're traveling this Chinese New Year, be careful to avoid losing your children


News outlets all around China are asking citizens to brace themselves for the annual migration of commuters that engulfs every main road, flight terminal, railway station, and bus stop at this time of year. This is old news every mainlander is well-prepared for every year, as this period of time where approximately 2.8 billion trips throughout the country will take place has become a custom.

What they are not often told, however, is that Spring Festival is also the time when the most children get lost or estranged from their families. And thanks to Hong Kong celebrity and actor Andy Lau, China might be informed just enough to reduce the number of losses this year. According to Want China Times, Lau has set out to remind parents to hold on tightly to their sons and daughters as they push through the crowds by producing a public welfare advertisement.

In hopes of instilling fear, and therein a needed caution, within parents, the TV commercial essentially depicts lost children finally reuniting with their families. The commercial even includes the actors voice as the narrator, reminding parents that they are their children’s “best protection”.

Though the move does also have a commercial aspect – Lau’s latest movie “Lost and Love” relates to the subject. In the film he plays a man in search of his estranged son.

If your trip back home for the Spring Festival family reunion is long, then perhaps downloading “Lost and Love” is a good hit to watch on the way there or back. Otherwise, you’ll likely catch Lau’s commercial being broadcasted in the process of your travels, as his commercial is set to be broadcast in 500 train stations and 50 airports across China for a month-long period surrounding the holiday.

Image courtesy of Financial Review


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