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Hotel Cleaners Taking Shortcuts

Cleaners using guest towels to clean toilets


When you do the same job over and over again, day after day, the process becomes a part of your muscle memory. Which is why this cleaner looks so at ease when cleaning the toilet with a towel used by a customer.


“Let it go, let it go, I dadada dada daaaa…”

An undercover journalist caught hotel staff at a Home-inn in Hangzhou, going through her daily clean using the towels that are meant for those staying there.

According to the Hospitality Industry Regulations article 21 paragraph 4, one should “use separate cleaning tools for drinkware, basins and buckets, and slippers. Specific equipment should used for it, to prevent cross contamination.”


Cross contamination

Hotel regulations also stipulate that bedding and towels must not be used as cleaning implements, or placed on the floor. Most have different colored towels in order to differentiate those used by cleaners and those meant for customers (white is the color for guests).

This revelation probably do not come as a big a shock as most would expect, but now with actual physical evidence, it cannot help but disgust the public. Some may already take their own towels and hygiene tools with them when they travel, but I cannot think of any reason why anyone would pack personal bedding material in their luggage.

Until now.


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Photos courtesy of CZTV

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