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Late for work excuse

Woman uses iPhone to pay for bus fare


We’ve all been there, running late for work or school, desperate for an excuse that may actually work. There are generally two ways to do this; you can make up something that is fairly feasible and hard to prove false (blaming traffic seems to be the norm), or you can invent a tale of such extravagance and randomness that your superiors would ever doubt it could be fake. A Sichuan woman may have taken the latter route.

After a night of heavy gambling at the mahjong table, Ms Cao, a woman in her 40s, was preparing to take the bus on her way to work. Like all individuals who happen to own a smartphone, Cao was busy perusing content when she stepped on the bus and walked towards the back. The bus driver called out to remind her that the fare needed to be paid. Cao went back to the fare collection and promptly inserted the correct amount: two RMB and an iPhone 6.

As the realisation of what she had just done dawned on her, Cao informed the bus driver of her mistake and requested help in retrieving the phone. Unfortunately, the money deposit enclosure is not something that can be opened at will.

The driver called his superiors and after arriving at a bus station was finally able to return the woman’s phone.

Photo for evidence

Photo for evidence

Or at least that’s what she told her boss.


Images courtesy of China News, Danyang HR

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