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10 Least Punctual Chinese Airlines

What airlines not to fly on this summer


Thinking about traveling soon? Hold off on any decision you make until you’ve read this post, because the Civil Aviation Administration of China recently released a report detailing the operative efficiency of airlines in China for 2014.

In total, there were around 7.5 million takeoffs and landings last year, compared to 3.4 million in 2006. 36 percent of these flights were delayed by 30 minutes or less, with the most common reasons being airline operations, traffic, and weather.

Coming in at number 1 in the on-time performance (OTP) charts is the flagship of the Middle Kingdom, Air China, with 73.49 percent of its flights on schedule. China Southern Airlines was a close second with 72.61 percent, and rounding out the top three was Sichuan Airlines with 71.76 percent.

While this is all well and good, the important part is which airlines to avoid. Here there are in descending order:

10. SPRING AIRLINES (春秋航空公司)—64.99 percent

9. LUCKY AIR (祥鹏航空公司)—63.09 percent

8. SHANGHAI AIRLINES (上海航空公司)—62.54 percent

7. SHENZHEN AIRLINES (深圳航空公司)—62.41 percent

6. CHONGQING AIRLINES (重庆航空公司)—60.09 percent

5. XIAMEN AIRLINES (厦门航空公司)—59.79 percent

4. CHINA EXPRESS AIRLINES (华夏航空公司)—59.57 percent

3. TIBET AIRLINES (西藏航空公司)—59.19 percent

2. HEBEI AIRLINES (河北航空公司)—58.82 percent

1. CHINA UNITED AIRLINES (中国联合航空有限公司)—55.57 percent

To put this in perspective, if you take a round trip to a destination in China with China United Airlines as your flight provider, the chances of one of your flights being delayed in almost half.

So any of you preparing summer excursions, just take another look at what airline (if any) you’re taking, and be wary of delays.


For more on Chinese airlines, see Majoring in Airline Security and Wifi on Aircraft.

Image courtesy of Baidu

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