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Heroes through history

Children give their opinions of Chinese heroes throughout history


Well done YCIS! Students from Yew Chung International School of Beijing proved their Chinese prowess and handwrote, in characters, descriptions of heroes they chose from Chinese history. Their writing skills and thorough research left our editors feeling quite sheepish—it seems there is a thing or two we could learn from them.


1 — Confucius

551 BC-479 BC


When Confucius was three, his father died. He lived a tough life from an early age. But he was studious and sought famous teachers. That’s how he became such a knowledgeable man.

2 — Qu Yuan

c. 340 BC -278 BC


“I alone am pure and sober in this muddled world.” These were Qu Yuan’s last words before he jumped into the Miluo River. He was very talented and loved writing poetry. As a vassal, he was utterly devoted to the Chu Kingdom and loyal to the emperor.

3 — Emperor Qin Shi Huang

259 BC-210 BC



He unified Chinese language and systems of measurement and built the Great Wall. Though he was criticized for being a tyrant, he’s still known as “an emperor for the millennia.”

4 — Zhuge Liang



He always knew in advance what the enemy was up to. His “empty city strategy” scared away the toughest enemies.


5 — Empress Wu Zetian



Wu Zetian became empress at age 67. Many didn’t want a female empress. I think she’s a good person. She brought many changes in China’s history. If a woman is great, I think there’s nothing wrong with a female ruler.

6 — Zheng He



He was a navigator. He took 200 ships when he went out. Each time he took many good things with him and brought back even better things. He left a good impression with other countries.

7 — Mao Zedong



He has strong will and shocking determination.

One day, he saw his teacher bathe with water from the well. He decided to learn from his teacher and take cold showers everyday. He also went swimming in the river, even in winter. He kept this habit even when he was old. So I think he is a very strong and extraordinary person.    

8 — Soong Ching Ling



She used all her wealth to raise orphans who lost their families in the war. I admire her.

She’s a great mother, the mother I admire most.

9 — Yang Liwei



The special training could be called “the devil’s training.” One of the exercises is to practice survival in low oxygen environments at altitudes of 5000-10,000 meters; or, free fall from this high up…I think anyone would pee in their pants. We’ve all ridden the carousel. Yang Liwei played carousel by getting rid of the horse and spinning a few hundred times faster.

10 — Yao Ming



His field goal percentage is about 52.5%. This year he donated 9.94 RMB million to charity. Yao Ming represents China and is the pride of Chinese basketball. He’s amazing!

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