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The Viral Week That Was: Ep 72

Chow Yun Fat sees his own flick, breast competition in Anhui, a shameless beggar, and peeking at peaks


*The Viral Week That Was is our weekly round-up of the previous week’s trending memes, humor, rumor, gossip, and everything else Chinese netizens are chatting about. Think of this as a nicotine patch to help ease yourself into the working week after suckling on the smokey teat of the weekend.

Welcome one and welcome all to the wonderful world of Viral Week. Coming up on today’s episode, we bring you some random ‘armless jovial tidings, mile high camping, and a bulletproof monk going to the cinema. But first…



Some things never go out of fashion. A well tailored suit, the color black, mindless action flicks, and … are just some of the examples.

Another important specimen are mammary glands.


Thank you ladies for the demonstration [NetEase]

At a recent event in Anhui Province, ladies from all over the world gathered to compare and contrast the forms of their milk production facilities.


Like so [NetEase]

That’s right, this event was the 6th Annual (really?) International Breast Model Contest, with the theme of this year’s finals being self-confidence and breast health.


This one passes both criteria [NetEase]

The eventual champion was a mother who brought her son onto the stage. 


“Son, take a gooooood look” [NetEase]



Beggars can come in all shapes and sizes but often the ones that elicit the most sympathy are those who live with disabilities.

Seeing those individuals carrying themselves on skateboards or crutches can tug at even the most high tensile heartstrings.

Take this armless man.


Performing the classic kowtow [Weibo]

Begging on the streets of Zhejiang Province, this man was spotted outside of a market place. Unfortunately for him, some passersby were suspicious of his predicament, which led to this moment of undress.


Off with his shirt [Weibo]

So it turns out that this disabled man was in fact fully abled and only pretended to be so to earn some extra pocket money. Let this be a lesson to everyone out there.


Of course…how else did he bring all his stuff [Weibo]



On Laojun Mountain in Henan Province, more than one hundred backpackers were camping out in the hopes of catching the awe-inspiring views offered to them from dawn to dusk. However, this camping trip differs from the ones you used to go on with your granddad due to its safety issues—or lack thereof.


A tent can double as a parachute [China Daily]

Situated on a narrow path with 1,700 meters of empty space below them, these campers brave the heights and chilly cliff dew to gaze upon the mountain’s famous sea of clouds.


…and sometimes just simply fog [China Daily]

The mountain itself is a holy place for Taoist priests and reaches a height of 2,200 meters at its peak. According to event organizers and tour guides there, the Laojun Mountain is the perfect place for sightseeing and yoga.


Just in case you didn’t believe it was that high [China Daily]

Most importantly, they have free wifi.



A new film called Cold War 2 has been released recently and sources say that it’s pretty good.

How good?


This good (explanation below) [Sina]

The man with the cap standing in line waiting for tickets is none other than Chow Yun Fat, one of the stars of Cold War 2. Despite numerous screenings before, he still went back (with his wife) to view the film again. 

Originally famous for his roles in heroic bloodshed films such as The Killer and Hard Boiled, Chow solidified his standing in Western cinema through Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and Bulletproof Monk.


Surprisingly tall, right? [Sina]

More recently, Chow has been working on his The Man From Macau franchise as well as his selfie game—which may explain why he would watch a film he is in numerous times.


Have to say, Chow’s selfie game is exceedingly tight [sznews.com]



“There I am. There I am again. And again…” [Sina]


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Cover image from China Daily

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