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The Ballad of the Christmas Koala

Best holiday wishes from The World of Chinese


The Christmas Koala

The Christmas koala was confused.
He was having a such lovely dream
Of lying on trees,
And eucalyptus leaves.

He’s now awake—and in a tree, no doubt,
But it had needles for leaves
And boughs with many-colored orbs,
And this was puzzling.

He stretched his fuzzy arms,
And twitched his ginormous nose,
Something in the air smelled like burning coal
And spicy oranges
And inky magazines.

It wasn’t always like this.

Once he was a koala in a eucalyptus wood,
Who climbed away from his usual perch,
And felt drowsy, because it was far.
So he chose a healthy evergreen
And settled himself to a niiiice sleep.

So he slept.

And slept.

And slept.

He slept through the men who cut the tree,
And put it on a truck
That brought it to a ship
That sailed across the sea.

He slept as the tree was unloaded
And brought to a glassy tower,
Up 15 floors on the elevator
To a wonderful room,
Where the people strung it with shiny snowflakes,
And special lights
That hummed and sparkled
As the people gathered ’round.

And all around him, they were glad.

But the Christmas koala was sad.

Though the sights were lovely and people kind,
He missed the tangy scent of the woods
And the sunlight in which he’d bask
And made him alllllll toasty, all over.
He was a little koala in a strange land
And he was alone.

But wait, what’s that sound?
Could it be?—Yes, indeed!
Many koalas in the big Christmas tree!
On his left and on his right,
Up and down on all the boughs,
All waking from a deeeeep sleep
(They can sleep for 20 hours a day you know)
On the evergreen tree that sailed across the sea.

And as they stretched their fuzzy arms
And twitched their ginormous noses,
The Christmas koala was happy
To be together with friends
Who came across the world to wish you happy holidays
At The World of Chinese.

Cover photo of the TWOC office by Hatty Liu and Liu Jue

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