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Glass Bridge Simulates Cracking

Viral video of glass bridge cracking scares the hell out of prospective visitors


On reflection, this was probably not quite the dumbest marketing stunt in history—after all, nobody died from it. But reminding visitors to a mountainous glass bridge that glass can crack is probably up there as one of the stupidest ideas ever implemented by a tourist site.

The Taihang Mountain, in Hebei province, has a glass bridge for brave tourists to cross and marvel at the views below. It is almost certainly a safe bridge to cross; the safety requirements for such bridges are rather high, for obvious reasons. But in a baffling decision, the mountain’s administrative department decided that, for shock value, they would alter part of the bridge so could simulate glass cracking – complete with noises and spiderweb imagery.

Naturally, a video of this occurring then went viral; shorn of any context, viewers were left to think that the glass bridge was prone to cracking. It’s difficult to think of anything that could more effectively drive away visitors than the image of the surface falling away beneath them, but for some reason, the Taihang Mountain tourist administration center thought it would be a good idea to simulate this.

Bold move, fellas. Bold move!

(They’ve since apologized for this stunning display of stupidity).


Cover image from baizhi360.com

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