China’s Online Drug Bazaar Part 2

Taobao, QQ , and designer drug companies find loopholes, customers, and solace in the anonymity of the World Wide Web


Dog Thieves Savagely Beaten By Villagers

Two Chinese men were brutally beaten, after being caught stealing dogs for meat


FBI Releases Laughable ‘Game of Pawns’ Video Online

FBI’s hilariously bad video short entitled ‘Game of Pawns’

Two Chicks At The Same Time

A Ningbo man pretends to marry two women to bring his mother some good cheer


Hong Kong’s Human Trafficking Trade

Hong Kong’s prostitution and trafficking trade

Steamed Bun Samaritans Bullied To Tears

Henan store-owners end up in tears after performing good deed

Print-a-home: the future of housing?

New 3D printing technology unveiled which enables us to ‘print’ houses made out entirely of recyclable material.

No charge for raping men in China

A man drugs six young men before molesting and robbing them


Journalist Exposes China’s Orgy Fest

Sex trading and orgy party for the rich in Sanya, Hainan

Shanghai Sexpo Success

Erotic Shanghai Sexpo event draws crowds from across China


China’s Record Illegal Weapons Haul

China seizes a record amount of illegal weapons in Guizhou

Germans made to look like mugs in Hitler Uproar

Hitler mugs made in China cause uproar in Germany