The Viral Week That Was: Episode 13

We have seaweed dresses, most used emoticons, fake brands and much more


Dancing In The Street

Stave off the boredom of traffic jams by dancing


Hotel Cleaners Taking Shortcuts

Cleaners using guest towels to clean toilets


Solar-powered plane lands in Nanjing

The world’s most advanced solar-powered airplane is preparing for the next stop

Dinosaur egg fossils found in China

A huge nest of 43 dinosaur egg fossils discovered in Heyuan, south China’s Guangdong Province


When Luxury Fads Perish

Abandoned dogs, banned booze bribes and fashions that became too proletarian – the myriad ways in which a luxury item can meet its doom

Laundry Again?

How do you clean a skyscraper-sized pair of boxer shorts?

Citrus Buds

How an unlikely trans-pacific friendship spawned all manner of events

An Unusual Proposal

The tale of a less-than-orthodox proposal with more than a few bumps


The Viral Week That Was: Ep 12

Starbury’s new flavor, blow up dolls are the new craze, senior citizen dancing, food for form

Draining the South

Mao’s vision of “borrowing” South China’s water for the North comes to fruition


A Resolution for Every Year

Why is it this one resolution that is so hard to maintain?