Graduations to remember

Graduates taking interesting photos to remember


Peeping Tammy

Toilet lurker arrested after a month on the prowl


Hospital mistakes stomach bloat for baby

Discomfort in the midsection turns out to be proof of fertility?

Tightrope World Record Broken

The Longest Tightrope crossing while blindfolded is broken in Yunnan province, China.


Pennies for your heater

Monks in need of water heaters go Yolo

Late for work excuse

Woman uses iPhone to pay for bus fare


Follow the Song

Scientist follow distinctive bird song to a new species

Good is not Good enough

Dating habits of those looking for love online


Naked Bungee in Thailand

Apparently naked bungee jumping is a bad idea

The Viral Week That Was: Ep 16

Stealing supplies, new uniform for The Avengers, human fleshed teacher in school, and more

Consequence of a bad trip

Paranoid woman attempts to end her life using scissors


Planting Seeds

Startup support for traditional Chinese craftsmanship