Why Do My Girlfriend’s Parents Hate Me?

Advice for getting the approval of prospective Chinese in-laws


‘Catwoman’ KO’s Three Men with Kung Fu Kicks

Female version of Yipman clobbers unruly customers with feet of fury

The Crazy Characters in Beijing’s Parks (Part 2)

The peculiar mix of regulars that appear in China’s Parks


The Crazy Characters in Beijing’s Parks (Part 1)

The peculiar mix of regulars that appear in China’s Parks


China Gives Oscar-Winning Actor A Chance To Show His Kung Fu Side

Thanks to China, Oscar-winning actor Adrian Brody gets to embrace his Kung Fu side alongside Jackie Chan.


South Korea Bets All In With New Incheon Airport Resort

South Korea eyes Chinese gamblers with multi-billion dollar airport-adjacent casino project

China’s ‘Practical’ Marriages

Women want a man with higher salary, while men just want a younger woman


Happy Valentine’s, China’s LGBT community

Chinese tech giant’s endorsement of same-sex marriage big step forward for LGBT rights


Foreigners in Alleged Credit Card Scam

Three Romanians were arrested for stealing 200,000 RMB

China’s Nuclear Leg-up

China’s largest nuclear plant heralds a future with more nuclear energy for China


More Expats Leaving Than Arriving

Reports finds that expats are leaving China twice as fast as they are arriving

‘Tycoon University’ Begins Admissions Process

Presenting the Class of 2017: the next generation of business elites?

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