The Viral Week That Was: Ep 78

Harley proposal, Zika hits Hong Kong, Shamate Shuffle, and sick of Bourne


China’s Glaciers in Hot Water

Climate change melts the Third Pole


Akon, Africa, & the billion dollar solar question

Mystery Chinese bank reportedly gives rapper a billion dollar credit line to provide solar power for Africa


Herbalife vs. Hedge Fund

Is the health-food supplement company a massive pyramid scheme?


The Viral Week That Was: Ep 77

Panda birthday no show, cupping boom, China’s fav divorces, and much more


The Viral Week That Was: Ep 76

Sports kitty, Rolling in Chinese Adele, Flag Mishap and Exercise Junkies


Who Watches The Watchers

A curious look at the cult of the China watcher


What’s in a meme?

WeChat stickers: How are they made, who makes them, and why?


The Viral Week That Was: Ep 75

Olympics mania prompts Australia feud, Chinese athletes fear Zika and Liu Xiang is mad at Didi Chuxing


Fighting Missiles with K-Pop

China is angry about South Korea’s new missiles. Is it time to ban K-pop?


The Viral Week That Was: Ep 74

Matt Damon in China, Shaolin shysters, poop mystery, and heavy duty cops


Web Portals Told They Aren’t Media Outlets

Huge Chinese web portals can no longer conduct original reporting

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