From 50,000 to 50

Lady loses almost all of her savings due to inflation


Myth of the Maltese Tiger

Fujian’s Legendary Feline


Chinese Author Liu Cixin Wins 2015 Hugo

Liu Cixin wins this year’s coveted Sci-Fi Award


Bikini Protest at Yasukuni Shrine

A Chinese protester chooses a controversial spot to show a message and a fair bit of skin


Beijing on the Brink of a Parade

Beijing is gearing up to hold a massive military parade commemorating the end of WWII

The Viral Week That Was: Ep 30

Tianjin tributes, ironic congestion, big fish, public kissing, and a different kind of advert proposal

Feng shui on the rise in America

Increased Chinese home buyers are leading to new demands in the States


Nightmares in Wax

‘Ugly’ waxworks make exhibition visitors long for night at the museum

Chinese Tourism to Israel Takes Off

With tourism from Western countries plummeting, Israel is looking to China


Cave Inscriptions Reveal China’s Past, Future

A discovery in the Qinling Mountains spell out the future of the region


Report: Air Pollution Kills 1.6 Million

A recent report from Berkley Earth calculates the human toll of air pollution


Qingdao’s Beer Festival Rages On

The yearly beer celebration is well underway

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