Crime of Cartoon Passion

Little Emperor cuts construction worker’s safety rope


Iron rice bowl losing its lustre

Public sector work is becoming less sought after

Many Expats unqualified for language teaching

The huge numbers of unqualified foreign language teachers in China

The Viral Week That Was: girls flash their Crotch

A train station becomes a waterfall, girls show off their crotches, the angry People’s Daily, and a 1970s condom


Scary September traffic to block Beijing’s streets

Brace yourselves Beijingers; horrendous September traffic is on its way

Africa’s rise (in Guangzhou)

Guangzhou has more than 200,000 African residents

False verdicts in Chinese courts

Incorrect legal practice has made false verdicts a huge problem in Chinese courts


Will Chinese celebrities turn into guinea pigs?

A new advertisement law has it that celebrities have to try out the products they are offered to endorse before sponsoring them


Puff, the magic vast cannabis fields are gone

Chinese satellite finds largest cannabis plantation, then unfinds it


Selfie taken on top of Hong Kong skyscraper

‘World’s Most Dangerous Selfie’ taken atop a Hong Kong skyscraper

Girl drags phone-addicted boyfriend around subway

Phone addict’s girlfriend pulls him through Beijing subway


Beijing indie film festival forbidden by authorities

Authorities have shut down the 11th Beijing Independent Film Festival