7 Ways to Wrap a Dumpling

Triangular, gold fish, pyramid – whatever your choice, have fun wrapping your dumplings

2014-04-10 | By

Buddha’s Delight

Make eating a spiritual experience with this delicious recipe

2014-03-28 | By

Some like it hot: the 10 spiciest Cities in China

Some Chinese food is just too hot too handle

2014-03-26 | By

Chinese GM cows are bacteria resistant

Genetically modified cows resistant to bacteria might appear on the Chinese market

2014-03-25 | By

Take It With A Pinch Of Salt

Twenty-six tons of inedible industrial salt seized

2014-03-19 | By

Five foods to avoid in China

TWOC’s list of foods that you might want to avoid

2014-03-14 | By

Feeling Fruity

Illustrations showing how to clean and cut and fruits

Avoiding the China veggie blues

Tips and tricks to become a vegetarian food connoisseur in China

2014-03-12 | By

My cheese is older than your cheese

3,600 Year Old Cheese discovered in China mummies’ tombs

2014-03-03 | By

The Lion’s Roar

Chinese meatballs that bite back

2014-02-23 | By

Time to get your Yuanxiao on

Greet the New Year with a traditional Chinese treat

2014-02-13 | By

The Busy Wooden Horse

Learn how to make the most important part of a hot pot, the soup base

2014-02-11 | By
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