A Laowai’s Guide to Chuanr

Wanna know what that summer mystery meat actually is?

2016-04-12 | By

Stir-Fry Spring

Grab a hand full of veggies and take a bite of the season

2016-04-10 | By

Artificial Un-intelligence

Chinese restaurants are firing their robot staff

2016-04-07 | By

Beijing-Style Veggie Meatballs

A bit of carrot, coriander, and tofu will give you the meat experience

2016-02-28 | By

What’s in your bingtanghulu?

A glimpse into what this sugarcoated treat is actually made of

2016-02-23 | By

Mahua: the Tianjin Treat

This sweet gift from Tianjin is not for all palates

2016-02-16 | By

Spring Festival Treats: A Laowai’s Adventure

A Laowai makes their way through a mysterious bag of Spring Festival treats, results may vary

2016-02-06 | By

10 Lucky Spring Festival Foods

Spring Fest foods that bring you luck and a bit of a language lesson

2016-01-25 | By

Keep warm with Dongbei stew

Chicken and hazel mushrooms to keep the cold at bay

2016-01-09 | By

Wine with the Hakka

A rice wine for every occasion in the village of Zhixi

2015-12-01 | By

Weird Chinese Cafeteria Food

The weird world of Chinese uni food (not for the faint of heart)

2015-11-27 | By

Rehydrate the Chinese way

Drink more hot water, and everything else while you’re at it

2015-11-20 | By
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