Eggplant: Nowhere does it better than China

A simple recipe for an ingredient wholly underused in Western cooking

2014-12-16 | By

Why China loves KFC

The story of China’s love affair with Western fast food

How to feed 1.3 billion

The five biggest challenges facing Chinese food security.

Longjing Shrimp

A soothing dish to take the sting off the summer heat

2014-10-06 | By

China’s First ever ‘silent restaurant’ opens in Shaanxi

A new restaurant gives the hearing-impaired a voice

2014-09-19 | By

5 Tips to Vegetarian Survival in China

It’s difficult but not impossible. Follow these tips for delicious, meatless dining.

Cooking with a hint of Asian

Comic artist Tze demonstrates how to be Asian in your cooking

2014-09-10 | By

Which moon cake are you?

We give you the lowdown on the different types of moon cake

2014-09-08 | By

China’s Smart Chopsticks

Baidu’s invention detects dangerous food content

2014-09-04 | By

Eat an old friend

Sublimely sour and spicy, Old Friend Noodles are a cure for all that ails you

What’s This Fried Milk Custard?

Learn how to make this milky dessert Hong Kong style

2014-08-22 | By

Mouthwatering Milk Pudding

An easy-to-make, healthy, delectable milk dessert

2014-08-09 | By
Heal and Beautify with Chinese Massage
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