Weibo bans barcodes in blow to WeChat

Today two of China’s biggest social-internet giants are fighting over users

2014-11-28 | By

Badass Ladies of Chinese History: Fu Hao

Military general, priestess, and queen, Fu Hao shaped the Shang Dynasty

Great Ambassadors China scheme

Britain will soon consider Chinese students for recruitment into a government agency, to help gain access to Chinese markets

2014-11-26 | By

Mascots Make Forbidden City Museum Less Forbidding

The Palace Museum has unveiled its first mascots in an effort to draw younger visitors

2014-11-25 | By

Yuan Dynasty Gets Its Own Show with Sex and Gore

‘Marco Polo’ will portray the bloodshed and sensual encounters of China’s Yuan Dynasty

Chinese musicians win big at 42nd American Music Awards

Chinese musicians and “Little Apple” dominate the international categories at this years AMA’s

2014-11-24 | By

Badass Ladies of Chinese History: Yu Xuanji

Concubine, nun, and courtesan – this Tang Dynasty poet subverted gender roles in a huge way

An Introduction to Peking Opera

From different roles to the meanings of masks

The Assembly-Line Poet

How one factory worker shocked the world with his haunting poetery

2014-11-20 | By

The Story of the Chinese Fan

Chinese fans aren’t just for keeping cool

2014-11-18 | By

Badass Ladies of Chinese History: Ti Ying

Writer and humanitarian, she petitioned an emperor for justice – and he listened.

Ancient apparel is China’s newest fashion trend

The Hanfu Movement brings 17th century styles to modern life