Thea Sinensis

Espionage, the East India Company, and the secrets of tea in the shadow of the Opium Wars

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In a Chinese Galaxy Far, Far Away

Chinese Star Wars comics from 1980 are a thing, and they’re awesome

2015-07-03 | By

Comedian’s Costume Criticism Controversy

A long valued history, still sparking debate today

Unravelling the history of Embroidery

For every thread you unpick, another three offer you more to discover

2015-07-02 | By

High earnings for Drunken Master

But still not number one in Asia

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Muddy Celebrations

The ‘Mud-washing’ festival of one Yao village

2015-07-01 | By

Bada Hutong: red-light district in Beijing

The history of the old-time red-light district in Beijing

11 year old Kun Opera Star

For this young girl, performing opera was her light after a difficult childhood

Notes on the Peach Blossom Spring

We all dream of it somewhere

2015-06-30 | By

The legend of the Candle Dragon

The reason behind the seasons and the changing of day to night

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Crane, contd

A journey through the sky and the mind, part 2


A journey through the sky and the mind, part 1