Young Mao Animated Film

Animated film about a young Mao Zedong releases soon

2015-04-27 | By

Houstonians Speaking Chinese

An increasing number of children have taken up learning Chinese to get an edge over future competition

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Lord of Medicine, part 2

Part 2 of a story of magic and ancient healing

2015-04-26 | By

Lord of Medicine, part 1

Part 1 of a story of magic and ancient healing

2015-04-25 | By

Soccer in the Song Dynasty

Soccer in television preparing to rush Chinese viewers

2015-04-24 | By

Criminal Guidebook

Is Detective Conan really a guide on how to commit crime?

2015-04-23 | By

Hard workers of an ancient era

Some inspirational stories to motivate you into working hard again

Tears Cannot Be Held Back

A film that was so crazy and outrageous manages to bring a tear to my eye

2015-04-22 | By

Is it 1873 already?

How one poster reignited the women’s rights debate

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Citrus Buds

How an unlikely trans-pacific friendship spawned all manner of events

2015-04-21 | By

Knock Knock Knock China

Welcome to Weibo, Dr Sheldon Cooper

2015-04-20 | By

The Bees of Banliao

Find traditional beekeepers hidden in the mountains of Fujian

2015-04-18 | By