The Mystical Side to China’s Fog

A brief history on where the Chinese character for haze comes from and why it might suggest these foggy days have been around for longer than we might have suspected

A Tumultuous Love Story: Hollywood and China

A scene by scene look at how Hollywood hopes to make China, which has the fastest growing movie market in the world, its beau

Hand-wringing over China’s ‘effeminate’ boys

Education, family, and pop culture all blamed in claims of feminine boys

Three-Body Barnburner

A look into the first installment of the outstanding Three-Body sci-fi trilogy

2015-03-30 | By

The Silk Road Endures: Driver Zhou

The tale of a Xinjiang truck driver has as many twists and turns as the ancient path he navigates

The Legend of Meng Jiangnu

An ancient tale of love lost and walls torn asunder, as tragic tears move heaven and earth

2015-03-27 | By

Remembering China’s Forgotten Comfort Women

Of the 200,000 women forced into sexual slavery by the Japanese in WWII, only 23 are still alive

2015-03-26 | By

‘One Belt One Road’ Must Be Promoted Carefully: Expert

Leading geopolitical expert sheds light on historical context of China’s approach to Silk Road trade

2015-03-24 | By

Ancient Chinese Cinderella Story

Golden shoes, fish bones, and a king: Cinderella from the Tang Dynasty

2015-03-22 | By

The Silk Road Endures: Faithful Isaac

The servant of a Jesuit priest looking for a lost Christian kingdom in Cathay

2015-03-21 | By

Walled City of Dreams

Even after its destruction the Kowloon Walled City has maintained a hold on imaginations worldwide

2015-03-18 | By

The Rise of China’s Contemporary Art Scene

Art Basel Hong Kong signals a turn toward contemporary art in China

2015-03-17 | By