Qian Xuesen: Missiles and Superpowers

China’s father of rocketry turned his hand to fringe science and psychics

2016-06-29 | By

Cao Wenxuan’s works embrace multimedia

Film, TV, audiobooks and podcasts; the award-winning author has them all in his sights

Long March 7 Rocket Launched

Rocket launch marks significant step in China’s long-term space aspirations

Course Correction

The rich man’s game in the PRC

2016-06-25 | By

Masters in Forbidden City

A doc that takes an honest look at Forbidden City restorers

2016-06-22 | By

A Boxer on the Boxers

Wisdom from Rocky Balboa on the ham-fisted blows of the Boxer Rebellion

2016-06-21 | By

Specter of the Tianjin Massacre

Shadows of a dark time in Tianjin linger even today

2016-06-19 | By

Wu Jian’an and his Ten Thousand Things

A deceptively subtle take on mass production with artist Wu’s latest exhibition in Beijing

2016-06-17 | By

Decoding a Spy Savant

Inside the mind of Mai Jia’s “Decoded”

2016-06-16 | By

Barbarians at the Gate

New podcast that explores ancient Chinese history

2016-06-13 | By

The World on Rice Paper

From the stuff you eat to the wonders you appreciate

2016-06-12 | By

Dragon Boat poison?

Scientists are concerned that the festival’s traditional wine is dangerous

2016-06-09 | By