A Superhero’s China Trip

The Japanese time traveler turned golf-coach who found his own wrinkle in time in China

2016-10-20 | By

A Tale of Two Brothers

The Daoguang Emperor had to choose between his two most capable sons to name an heir. The emperor chose poorly.

2016-10-18 | By

Kaili Blues

Poetic and arty flick with a touch of “new magical realism”

2016-10-15 | By

Dragon on the Water

Generations ride the waves on dragon boats

2016-10-14 | By

Stop Eating the Dang Pangolin

Chew your fingernails, save a pangolin

2016-10-09 | By

Chaos can be dull

Garbage masquerading as art or vice-versa?

2016-10-08 | By

Dream a Little Dream

Alienation and depression on a canvas

2016-10-05 | By

The Blast that nearly destroyed Beijing

The Wanggongchang Explosion continues to mystify historians almost 400 years later

2016-10-03 | By

Three Body The Third

Death’s End transforms physics into a nightmare hellscape of horror and loss. Also, there’s a love story.

2016-09-25 | By

Click Click Boom

China’s status as malware haven has a risky message for all

2016-09-24 | By

Ancient Love Tokens

99 iPhones are a terrible love token. Take a cue from ancient Romeos for a touch of class

2016-09-23 | By

Trademark the Dragon

China’s thriving industry of unlicensed Bruce Lee products

2016-09-21 | By