A Ghost Story in Porcelain

A hauntingly beautiful film, in which the entire set and actors are animated with porcelain

2015-01-29 | By

Bizarre Tales of Filial Piety

Some ancient tales in which caring for parents was taken to strange extremes

Africa – China’s Newest Audience

China’s dramas and other media are making their way into Africa’s households

Beijingers are Humans too!

“Humans of New York” spin-off bloggers strive to shed light on the versatility of Beijing and its people

Sacrificial Swine

Pretty pigs trotted out for contest, slain for clan ancestors

2015-01-25 | By

Toxic Work: The Human Price of Your Cellphone

Documentarian reveals the brutal working conditions within China’s cellphone industry

2015-01-22 | By

Pop Star Jay Chou Marries Hannah Quinlivan in UK

“Our Prince Charming finally became the husband of another woman,” a fan mourns

2015-01-19 | By

Chinese Tourists Must Learn Manners, Government Says

Can the government clean up Chinese tourists’ act?

The Business of Buddhism, Pt. 2

How has commercialization kidnapped Buddhism?

2015-01-18 | By

The Business of Buddhism

Is greed prompting the downfall of Buddhism?

2015-01-17 | By

The Cold

A field nurse remembers a harsh winter in the wake of a war with aliens, when his father died at their hands

2015-01-16 | By

Domesticate Your Demons

Fend off demons and bad luck with these traditional objects

2015-01-15 | By