Japanese Young Olympians fear anti-Japanese sentiment

The Japanese team at the Nanjing 2014 Youth Olympics has been told not to wear the official uniform when out and about

2014-08-22 | By

‘Ice Bucket Challenge’ On Fire in China

Andy Lau, Jay Chou, Zhang Ziyi – Publicity stunts and charity

2014-08-21 | By

Beijing ranked China’s most charitable city

After being voted one of the unfriendliest cities in the world, Beijing showcases its bright sides

2014-08-19 | By

Weiqi: The Surrounding Game

A basic guide to one of China’s most popular games

Jackie Chan’s son arrested

Jaycee Chan detained on drug charges at his Beijing house

Chinese Company Outdoes Apple, Samsung To Become Nation’s Top Smartphone Supplier

China has a new leader in smartphone supplies, and it is Chinese company

2014-08-18 | By

Stepping Stones for Migrant Kids

An interview with Corinne Hua, Founder and Executive Director of Stepping Stones

2014-08-17 | By

Paper People

A look into the process and culture of caozhi paper making

2014-08-16 | By

Chinese ‘Facekinis’ in a French Fashion Magazine

Chinese anti-tanning creations might become the next big thing in swimwear

2014-08-15 | By

As the Light Goes Out

Derek Kwok’s film follows the melodramatic brotherhood of a team of firefighters

2014-08-14 | By

Healing Hands: Chinese Massage

How to become an expert practitioner and massages that make you prettier

2014-08-13 | By

Chinese Movies on the March

Is the Chinese movie industry going to take over Hollywood?

2014-08-12 | By