50 Shades of Online Lit

The murky realm of plagiarism, formulaic plots, and smut that’s taking the publishing world by storm

The Rap Battle for China, cont’d

Grinding through China’s hip hop scene

The Rap Battle for China

Grinding through China’s hip hop scene

2016-02-09 | By

Badass Ladies of Chinese History: Lin Siniang

Shrouded in myth, Lin Siniang is remembered as a femme fatale, military genius, and icon of loyalty

2016-02-04 | By

Memories of May Fourth in Downtown Beijing

Just a block from the Forbidden City sits the site of one of the greatest intellectual transformations in history

2016-02-01 | By

The Dead End

Gritty crime film based on the novel from Chinese crime journalist Xu Yigua

2016-01-31 | By

Cautionary Tales

Eileen Chang tells immortal stories of desire and danger in Lust, Caution

2016-01-30 | By

100 Days Reforms

Brilliant upstart Kang Youwei blazed into the Qing court with bold reforms so it was inevitable there would be a violent backlash

2016-01-29 | By

Monkey King Pepsi and other Spring Fest Ads

The commercials are rolling in, and they’re worth a look

Top 10 Things to find at Abandoned Peking University

Things you can find at the deserted Peking University during Spring Festival

2016-01-28 | By

Reimbursement State of Mind

Combining music, comedy, and working in China in one handy video

2016-01-27 | By