China goes Halloween crazy

Halloween is becoming one of China’s biggest imported festivals

2014-10-31 | By

SAT Cheating Scandal

Chinese SAT results withheld after cheating allegations

2014-10-30 | By

Apple gets Smart

Apple caters to the Chinese market

from Appalachia to China: the million dollar drug

The story of American ginseng and its journey to China

Putin biographies all the rage in China

The Chinese love Putin’s machismo

Bigger is Better

The manifestations of China’s obsession with height

2014-10-28 | By

A Chinese Ghosts Primer

Four subtypes of Chinese ghosts – their stories and signifiers

Internet Internment, Part II

The “cure” for online gaming that hurts more than it helps

Badass Ladies of Chinese History: Khutulun

Undefeated wrestler, freedom fighter,and owner of 10,000 horses

Nothin’ but Net

The NBA expands its reach in China

Bursting China’s Bitcoin Bubble

Monopoly money or the key to an international financial future?

2014-10-23 | By