Badass Ladies of Chinese History: Khutulun

Undefeated wrestler, freedom fighter,and owner of 10,000 horses

Nothin’ but Net

The NBA expands its reach in China

Bursting China’s Bitcoin Bubble

Monopoly money or the key to an international financial future?

2014-10-23 | By

Tools of the Calligrapher

The ancient “Four Treasures of Study”examined

The Interplanetary Unusual Attacking Team

Bad subtitles hurt Western blockbusters in China

Translating China

The life and legacy of Sidney Sharpiro

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What happens when you die?

A look at different Chinese mythologies on death and the afterlife

The Chinese “Air Umbrella”

Air Umbrella keeps owners dry for three feet in every direction

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Coming Home 《归来》

An introduction to Zhang Yimou’s newest film

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Badass Ladies of Chinese History: Wang Zhenyi

This master astronomer and mathematician solved the mystery of lunar eclipses

Bye bye, Bad Boys

China’s latest ban on tainted celebrities

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Confucius’s Comeback

China’s respect for the ancient philosopher continues to grow