Chinese Indie Films Go West

Banned in China, Chinese independent film directors seek to air their efforts in New York City

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Sino-Japanese Youth Exchanges

The lowdown on the various ways in which Chinese and Japanese youth are engaging more positively than you might expect

Shanghai’s Shadowy ‘Green Gang’

A glimpse into the powerful organized crime syndicate which arose in the Ming and Qing Dynasties

The Water Monkey

The cheerful Monkey King overshadowed his more gruesome relative?

Well-Paid Footballers in the Chinese League

How much the top earners in China’s football leagues are making

2015-08-27 | By

Buddhism: Staring into the Void

Two hundred years ago Buddha’s faith was considered a cult bent on annihilation

TCM for Modern Men

What does TCM have to say about modern men and masculinity?

2015-08-26 | By

The Yeren “Wild Man” of China

China’s counterpart to Bigfoot and Sasquatch, still hairy

The Chinese Mermaid

A look at the mermaid in Chinese folklores

Myth of the Maltese Tiger

Fujian’s Legendary Feline

Chinese Author Liu Cixin Wins 2015 Hugo

Liu Cixin wins this year’s coveted Sci-Fi Award

2015-08-25 | By

Between The Eyes

Do your part by shooting soldiers right where it hurts the most

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