Does ‘correct’ art lie in the countryside?

Is the recent campaign to send artists to the countryside reminiscent of the Cultural Revolution?

2014-12-18 | By

Top Must-Have Apps in China

A top five list of apps that every foreigner in China will find handy

2014-12-17 | By

They mind your manners: tourist troubles

The Chinese are travelling more but also becoming notorious for rough behavior

Chen Man: China’s hippest photographer?

Chen Man is using her photography to carve out a new idea of beauty that is strong, bold and definitely Chinese.

Soldiers Get Internet Cafes

Military troops need internet too

2014-12-15 | By

Maleonn’s Imaginarium

Take a step in the surreal, discombobulating, and imaginative world of the artist Ma Liang.

2014-12-14 | By

Caught Red-Faced: the Asian Blush

Alcohol Flush Reaction has many names given its association with people of Asian descent – but one common cause

Luxury without borders: The great wall(et) of China

Why do certain brands appeal to the Chinese market? Why does British-ness sell? and more

2014-12-11 | By

Saving your skin from pollution

Pollution is a a sign that we are damaging the environment but a less known fact is the trouble it causes to our skin.

2014-12-10 | By

Highest price ever paid by Chinese buyer for Western art

A Vincent van Gogh went for for $61.8 million at a Sotheby’s auction

2014-12-09 | By

China’s new cinematic golden age?

There’s more money than ever in Chinese Films

The Secrets of Chinese-Arabic Calligraphy

Writing that can be read in two languages at once, the first Chinese “pinyin,” and the world’s most beautiful words