Badass Ladies of Chinese History: Tan Yunxian

A Ming-dynasty doctor soon be the star of her own television drama

How to be cool: Beijing Sonic

Beijing’s two-week electronic music festival turns heads

Will the Chinese Operating System flourish or fail?

Move over Windows and Apple. China’s new OS debuts in October.

The Red Detachment of Women

Revolutionary ballet back in the big time

2014-09-16 | By

No iPhone 6 for China?

Pending government approval will see China miss the roll-out of the iPhone 6

2014-09-11 | By

One million RMB for good gaokao results

Enping City, Guangdong offers huge prizes for students admitted to Beijing and Tsinghua University

2014-09-10 | By

The Butterfly Lovers’ Violin Concerto

An orchestral concerto for an ancient Chinese legend

Power, Desire and Violence

An interview with artist Cai Weidong

2014-09-07 | By

The Gaokao Gap

Inequality in China’s education system

2014-09-05 | By

Cash offered for Mixed Marriages

Government offers cash rewards and welfare benefits for Uyghur-Han marriages

2014-09-04 | By

Chinese Social Media: a new marketing frontier

How companies are adapting to Chinese social media to market their products

2014-09-03 | By

Man meets woman

The differences between men and women told in pictograms