Translating China

The life and legacy of Sidney Sharpiro

2014-10-22 | By

What happens when you die?

A look at different Chinese mythologies on death and the afterlife

The Chinese “Air Umbrella”

Air Umbrella keeps owners dry for three feet in every direction

2014-10-20 | By

Coming Home 《归来》

An introduction to Zhang Yimou’s newest film

2014-10-18 | By

Badass Ladies of Chinese History: Wang Zhenyi

This master astronomer and mathematician solved the mystery of lunar eclipses

Bye bye, Bad Boys

China’s latest ban on tainted celebrities

2014-10-16 | By

Confucius’s Comeback

China’s respect for the ancient philosopher continues to grow

The Moral of the Chinese story

Learn proper morals from these unusual traditional tales

Sci-fi with Socialist Characteristics

Chinese science fiction served an important purpose in China’s recent turbulent past

2014-10-13 | By

Third Intangible Cultural Heritage Exhibition opens in Jinan

Intangible cultural heritage, you know, for kids

2014-10-11 | By

Badass Ladies of Chinese History: Princess Zhao of Pingyang

Keeping bandits in check, liberating peasants, and overthrowing an empire were all in a day’s work for this military mastermind.

China’s 65 years of sloganeering

The changes in 65 years of Communist Party directives, seen through propaganda