The World of Chinese, 2017 Issue 1: Taobao Town

The rise of online shopping, selling, and logistics has perhaps been one of the most important changes to modern life in China, and the effect of e-commerce entrepreneurship in China’s rural areas has been transformative. Villages that once farmed now make, package, and ship their goods all around the country. We visit one of China’s official “Taobao villages” to learn more about how modern shopping has changed the countryside—for better or worse.

Also this issue, we’ll be looking at China’s indie film sector and how it can fund itself, how grads are changing the job market by opting for fulfilling careers rather than filling their wallets, and what life is like in a migrant night market in Nanjing. We’ve made some changes for the New Year. You’ll find new columns, such as Art Attack and our new science and technology section, Tech Support. Counterpoint has been resurrected, and Frontier profiles businesses on the cutting edge. With all of that new content, we still aim to bring you the news, views, and reviews you’ve come to expect from us here at TWOC.

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The World of Chinese, 2017 Issue 1: Taobao Town
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The World of Chinese, 2017 Issue 1: Taobao Town
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