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The World of Chinese, 2011 Issue 4: Women

This time out, we look at women—their faces, lives, histories, work, travels... and secret weapons.

We take a look at some strong, inspiring and generally amazing women in this issue. From pin-ups to bloggers, we have them all. We tell the literal story of how writing made women, as well as that of three modern women who are changing the blogosphere forever. Read interviews with Sheng Keyi, author of "Northern Girls," and Chinese teaching phenomena Xiao Li and Jenny Zhu. Then reach back in time to learn all about one of the world’s last matrilineal societies and their zouhun (走婚, "walking marriages"). We also have all our regular columns, in which you can learn to deal with your girlfriend's tantrums, find out why it might be a good idea to avoid air-conditioning, laugh at a laowai’s fumbling attempts to teach English and understand the history behind the character for man (男, nán). So, it's not all about the ladies.

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