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The World of Chinese, 2014 Issue 2: Crime

The smog chokes us, the traffic chases us, and the food kills us, but we here in Beijing are pretty safe from serious crime. That being said, China, just like everywhere else in the world, has its problems with those who flout society's laws, from cunning street hustlers, to drug peddling websites, right through to gruesome murderers. This issue studies modern crime and some of China's most famous lawbreakers, a look into China's underbelly and the gray area that is legality.

In the Crime Issue:

China's Online Drug Bazzar
The traditional and the new, the illegal and the legal potent narcotics now form a thriving market on the Chinese Internet, everywhere from QQ to Taobao

The Beat is Red
These Middle Kingdom murderers provide a look into the terrifying, unhinged realm of maddened minds and the world around them

Stolen Childhoods
Kidnapping a child is perhaps the cruelest of crimes, an act that destroys families and ruins childhoods; China has its own unique set of problems on the road ahead

Super Cops
With intelligence, deduction, and science, these exceptional detectives use their very particular skill sets to solve heinous crimes around China

The Spring of Dongke Temple
Li QiQing brings us a dark tale of spirituality, fantasy, and inner peace from the ruins of Dongke Temple and the monks and eerie sparrows that call it home

Ancient Apartments
A look at some of China's oldest apartments and the communities that live it them. See it now; they wont be around for long.

The Great Ride of China
Buck Perley and his girlfriend Amy Mathieson brave the winds and snows of Tibet and Xinjiang on their epic, world record-breaking trip through every province in China

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