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The World of Chinese, 2014 Issue 3: TV

We're trying a few new things here at TWOC, namely, not going with an overall theme. Instead, we'll be bringing you stories from a variety of perspectives from around the country to help provide a more comprehensive view of the modern Middle Kingdom, and we hope to continue to bring you the best in Chinese culture, society, entertainment, language, and long-form journalism for a long time to come.

What's inside:

Televisually Impaired
China's broken boob tube is causing controversy at the highest levels of government; is it too late to fix it?

Physician, Heal Thyself
Doctors and nurses today face lethal violence from their patients, and while authorities twiddle their thumbs in the face of a broken system, medical professionals are left to fend for themselves.

Manichean Middle Kingdom
In the eyes of history, this long dead Persian religion burned brightly and then faded away--but not before changing the political landscape of ancient China

Riding the Tide
Once a year, the danjiaren move their boats to land for maintenance, providing a rare glimpse of these water people out of their element. It may be a hard life but it's one these folks will fight to maintain

Dream in the Jungle
A world-weary traveler finds peace and humility with a Bulang village in the rainforest, a haven of kindness and beauty

Black Coal, Thin Ice
Terence Hsieh critiques Diao Yi'nan's coal crime thriller Black Coal, Thin Ice, an arthouse flick you'd be mad to miss

Deadly Dirt
The dystopian air may get all the attention, but the real dangers from pollution in China are right under your feet

Primitive Extreme
A sit down with Zhang Huan, one of China's most outstanding artists, provides a unique look into the significance of contemporary art and the motivations of a modern art master

The World of Judge Dee
James Palmer delves into the works of Robert van Gulik and his immortal Judge Dee to look at how this odd character has survived over the centuries


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