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The World of Chinese, 2014 Issue 4: Migration

Summer is a time for vacations, getaways, and changes to the status quo, but the whole of China has been on the move for quite some time. The Chinese people—spurred by the changes of the economy and society at large—have been picking up stakes and seeking their fortunes all over the country and overseas. Years ago, this modern exodus would have been unthinkable, but China’s modern economic miracle has made this all possible, albeit with some unforeseen and some might say unavoidable consequences.

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China on the Move
Three very different looks at how China is transforming itself through patterns of migration, from neglected migrant workers to China's nouveau riche.

We Don't Need No (Western) Education
Guoxue supporters say the key to China's future is in the past, giving rise to a whole new and slightly odd China culture chic.

The Antique Hustle
A combination of skilled workmanship, clueless authorities, and a lack of standards has left China's antique markets a monumental mess.

Feeling Lucky?
Can state-run lotteries and scratch cards sate the public appetite for games of chance or is China's gambling addiction fated to expand?

The Dancing Dama
You've probably heard of them, or maybe you heard them yourself: the dreaded dama. We take a look at the history and misconceptions surrounding these Chinese women.

Meanwhile, During the Boxer Rebellion...
A review of Gene Luen Yang's epic graphic novel Boxers & Saints, a 500-plus-page tale of one of the most tumultuous times in Chinese history: two kids, two faiths, and two viewpoints in a China torn asunder.

Paper People
In the mountains of Guangdong Province, the villages of Shuidong and Dengcun play host to a style of papermaking that has changed little since the invention of paper itself.

Ginger Huang travels deep into Fujian Province to find a world like no other; for her hosts, hard work is their creed and tea is their religion.

The Great Fapiao Mystery
Learn some Chinese phrases to help you beat the needlessly complex, horrifyingly pointless, and soul-crushingly futile fapiao system.

As the Light Goes Out
Terence Hsieh critiques Derek Kwok's firefighter blockbuster As the Light Goes Out in a look at what Hong Kong disaster movies have to offer.

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