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The World of Chinese, 2014 Issue 6: Influential Chinese

Today, there are any number of Chinese citizens changing the world in constructive and fascinating ways—scientists, entrepreneurs, journalists, activists, and so many more. This issue, we discuss and profile six very special Chinese personalities that have helped shape the modern world and how people think about the Middle Kingdom. There’s Wu Changhua, helping to put actions to climate change grandstanding; the famous Jack Ma and his Alibaba empire; Wang Jianlin, China’s property king; Chen Guangbiao, the clown prince of Chinese philanthropy; journalist Hu Xunli, dubbed China’s most dangerous woman; and there’s scientist Yuan Longping, whose contribution to the human race has been almost indescribably important. All of these people have made—or are going to make—essential contributions to society at large and as such play a role in how the world sees China and how China sees itself. Also this issue, you can take a look at the real price China has paid and is paying for its modern day gold rush, how the nation is facing up to the tragic crime of domestic violence, and how a combination of half-truths and plagiarism keep China in its self-help book boom.

What's inside:

Charm Offensive

Entrepreneurs, philanthropists, scientists, activists, and journalists—a select few Chinese individuals are changing the way the modern world views the Middle Kingdom, and we take a look at six of them.

Violence on the Home Front

Domestic violence is a horrific crime, but in China today there is little or no recourse for the millions of women who suffer; laws and attitudes need to adapt if there is any hope for change.

Selling Self-Help

Get rich quick, attain enlightenment, get your life on the right track—China’s very recent fascination with self-help books is a booming industry, a business well suited to the nation’s new search for the self in the modern world.

Time to Go Coser

Cosplayers get a bad rap sometimes, but this growing culture is becoming more popular every year. So, grab your makeup bag and get ready to geek out with some very enthusiastic youngsters on the cosplay scene.

Diplomat Dialect

Have you recently “hurt the Chinese people’s feelings” or incurred “strong condemnation and opposition” from the Chinese authorities? Well, it’s kind of hard to avoid. Check out this tongue-in-cheek cipher for Foreign Ministry bloviating.

A Foodie's Spiritual Pilgrimage

Husband and wife lung slices, hot pot noodles, and an Arhat feast—Ginger Huang steps off the beaten track in Chengdu to savor delights in monasteries and alleyways during the Hungry Ghost Festival.

The Saccharine South

From the wise old mixers to the young gathering sugarcane in the fields, an entire village engages in backbreaking work to sate their sweet tooth using methods that haven't changed for hundreds of years.

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