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The World of Chinese, Sep-Oct 2016: Gender Equality

Chairman Mao famously said that women hold up half the sky. Well, it’s time to pay up. Learn more about how women aren’t getting their share, how harassment shapes the workplace, and how China can become the benchmark for female equality in the workplace in “Women’s Work”. Also this issue, we discuss one of the worst things on the internet: spam. China is fast becoming a haven for the spam market, which, incidentally, is worth billions. Learn more in “Click Click Boom”.

Authentic Chinese cuisine is making a comeback overseas in “Culinary Incursion” and we learn more about how money in museums isn’t necessarily such a bad thing in “Forbidden Money”. Besides all that we’ve got a review of Liu Cixin’s Death’s End, original fiction from a very dark young voice, the inside story on the saddest polar bear in the world, and much more.

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    The World of Chinese, Nov-Dec 2017: Cloud Country
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