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The World of Chinese, Mar-Apr 2017: Fantasy

The Middle Kingdom has its own take on Middle Earth. Novoland isn’t run by hobbits or orcs; you’re far more likely to see winged beings or immortal spirits. But the schisms of Novoland also play out in reality, as its creators squabble over the direction and the economics of their collaborative project. We take a look at the state of fantasy literature in China and where it’s headed in the future.

Also this issue, we take a leisurely ride on one of China’s famed green trains. As these very slow trains are phased out for faster models, they—as well as their significance to Chinese social life—may reach their final stop than expected. We also look at the business of maternity matrons, as well as the hollowing out of China’s villages and the implications of leaving elderly residents behind.

In Diaspora, you’ll find a Chinatown within China, where overseas Chinese have left a complicated legacy, and Made in China tells the tangled history of China’s wired radio. There’s plenty to see in these pages and if you want more, check out our digital edition. In the meantime, sit back, relax, and enjoy the spring weather.

Delve into Chinese fantasy, ride a disappearing slow train, greet maternity matrons, and glimpse China’s elderly villages—all that and more inside.

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