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Guide to Hook-up Apps

Looking for a random hook-up? There's an app for that.


Guide to Hook-up Apps

Looking for a random hook-up? There's an app for that.


Is going out and talking to people face to face just too much work? Or do you want to be in constant contact with strangers in the hope of a random sexual encounter. Well, then get your smart phone ready for some downloading, if you haven’t already.

There are loads of different location based socializing apps that are designed to help strangers connect with other strangers; what they do after they connect is up to them.

Momo is the leading app in this market and a great way to chat with friends and even links with Weibo so people can view timelines and add to social media.

Tang Tan, 33, says he came up with the idea for Momo in Guangzhou in 2010. He said he saw many beautiful girls at a hotel during the city’s Asian Games but did not have the courage to ask any of them on a date.

Momo uses GPS to find people close to the user to find and chat with. There is usually a meet up after the initial messaging; that is usually the intent anyways.

The app may have started as a way for shy Chinese people to introduce themselves and get past awkwardness, but now it is a tool used for a very different purpose. It is the premier app to find someone close to you to hook-up with. Now, with an English version, expats are in the mix. Of course, the popularity has drawn a wave of prostitutes using the app to find new clientele.

WeChat or Weixia is a very popular voice messaging app that allows users to send walkie-talkie like messages to contacts. The app also has a “look around” feature that allows the user to find other people in their area to connect with. Needless to say this has lead to another way for people to find each other for late night, or anytime rendevous.


One of the messages in the above image translates to, “How much for one night?”

Skout is a worldwide location-based socializing app that has pioneered the world of smart phone driven stranger-based hook ups. Once someone downloads the app, a quick profile can be made, pictures uploaded to the profile. Then, using GPS and wifi, the user can view all proximal public profiles, send a chat message, and see if the recipient is like minded.

Mix is the choice for those who desire flirting and is connected via Weibo or Renren; get an avatar ready and you’re pretty much good to go. Add things like favorite clubs, bars, or other locations, and then browse to see other profiles in your area. The app has a lot of the convenience of Momo or Skout, but without any of the hassle of pretending to not be on it to find a hookup.

Badoo is a massive social network based on meeting new people. The app boasts over 135 million users all over the world. The idea is to find new people with similar interests, and if those interests are hooking up in the same nightclub bathroom, then so be it.

SayHi has the features of most all location based networking apps like walkie talkie messages, IM, pictures, profiles and, of course, dating. The app is designed as an icebreaker to meet strangers and a way to keep in touch with current friends and family.

Guanxi.me advertises itself as an app for classy dating and quality hookups. It offers similar services to it’s competitors such as radar, chatting, automatic match suggestions, an offline mode, and the profile viewing experience of apps like Momo. The advertising team at Guanxi.me seems to be a little more aggressive though, releasing adds that warn of other sites resulting in poor dates, transvestites, and organ theft.

Zazzer is advertised as a business white collar location based service. It is designed to let people do all the chatting like in other apps, but is designed for the business community to exchange information like digital business cards to the people around you; especially at an event like a business conference. It is of course still useful for meeting attractive females in the area as well.

While all these previously mentioned apps are great for finding an opposing gender companion there are also apps to help those searching for the same sex. While the popular gay hook up app Grindr is not available in China, there are several alternatives.

Blued is a Chinese made app for gay men looking for other gay man. Despite the cultural stigmas around homosexuality in China this app is thriving and even moving to international markets. It has the same features of location, chatting, and profiles as other sites, but is just for men.

Hornet is the second generation of Grindr and is actually Hong Kong based. The app offers the same hookup opportunities, but with an emphasis on safety. The app encourages men to post the HIV status and to get checked regularly, it even gives an icon for the men who have been recently tested. The map feature is also removed to ensure users safety, and it uses HTTPS secure connections and SSL certificates from your online banking. Hornet is the safest app choice in organizing random gay meetings and hookups.

BoyAhoy is the gay subset of Skout. It has the same features as Skout, but it is for gay men. Pretty straight forward, well not straight, but you know.

There are a myriad of apps for finding people close to you to meet up, socialize, date, or very often hookup. Pick any of these fine ways of finding strangers and best of luck!