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Vox Pop 4: Peking University

Peking University's students weigh in on current events


Vox Pop 4: Peking University

Peking University's students weigh in on current events


This week, bloggers at The World of Chinese went to Peking University to solicit opinions from students. Peking University is one of the top universities in China and probably the most famous.In the past 115 years it has produced scholars and pioneers in all fields.

What are your thoughts on bird flu? Are you taking any precautions?

Li, 20 “Every year there are epidemics, so bird flu does not have much influence on me. But still, I open the windows whenever I am in my dormitory, and I am doing more exercise.”

Berry, 26 “Yea, I think it’s quite serious, so I always wear a respirator when going out, and I spray disinfectant in my dormitory. ”

Wei, 22 “Yes, I know it’s serious, but… I just avoid eating chicken. Anyway,there has only been one case in Beijing.”

What do you think of the media coverage of the earthquake in Ya’an?

Liu, 18 “It’s fine, but I think sometimes the media concentrates too much on donations. You know, the teachers at my sister’s school even told them that their donations will influence their scores. That’s really unnecessary. ”

Li, 20 “I think the media have done a good job. It has attracted most people’s attention to this catastrophe.”

Sun, 24 “ Actually I think the media again fails to do what it ought to. It does not show the real severe destruction in that area, and also, the rumors such as the abuse of the donations and the accusations of the Three Great Dams are totally neglected.

Wei, 22 “Well,there are always some rumors, and they make me suspicious about the government’s work.”

What do you think about the rising rent in Beijing?

Berry, 26 “ I don’t care because after graduation, I won’t live in Beijing. The air quality is so poor!”

Horawski, 25 “ I think high rent is a common problem in big cities, especially capitals like London and Tokyo… The government is trying to stabilize it, but I don’t think it’s effective.”

Du, 18 “ I am not very concerned about that, but I guess it must be huge pressure on those who are renting.”