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Food to Detox to

Clear your body of toxins with these TCM foods


Food to Detox to

Clear your body of toxins with these TCM foods


“You are what you eat” rings even more true in China, where traditional Chinese medicine beliefs put emphasis on the different natures of food. That is why red dates enjoy enormous popularity and why Chinese people do not drink cold water during a meal. Boiled coke with ginger for example, is a popular remedy for a sore throat. Some foods are promoted as healthy because of their detoxifying effects. These are believed to help the body get rid of toxins, garbage, and excesses, keeping the internal organs clean and refreshed.

The staff at China Gaze suggested 20 detoxifying foods that work well for your body system, and here are 10 to get you started:

1. Sweet potatoes (facilitate bowel movement)

2. Green beans (eliminate toxins, induce diuresis, and quench thirst)

3. Oats (relax bowels, stimulate bowel movement, and detoxify the body)

4. Barley (improve blood circulation, induce diuresis and reduce swelling caused by oedema)

5. Millet (detoxify and induce diuresis)

6. Brown rice (stabilize the digestion system, absorb water and fat)

7. Red beans (stimulate bowel movement, help with constipation and induce diuresis)

8. Carrots (help treat constipation, clear toxins)

9. Chinese yams (rectify the digestive system, reduce subcutaneous fat accumulation and help the immune system)

10. Burdock (improve blood circulation and metabolism, regulate bowel function, help treat constipation)

For details on how to prepare these foods to maximize their detoxifying effects, continue at China Gaze. Other famous TCM foods generally believed to be detoxifying and good for the body include: wood fungus (or cloud fungus), which clears up toxins in the blood, helps blood circulation, and stimulates the bowels; honey, which cools down the body if eaten raw, relaxes the bowels, and has painkilling effects; and seaweed, which absorbs the fat in the blood and helps keep cholesterol down. Seaweed is also believed to prevent leukemia. So, if you need to flush out some free radicals or kick your bowels into gear, these Chinese remedies will hopefully be of some use.

Image courtesy of Xinhua


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