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Top 10 Summer Getaways in China

Relax with a trip to these 'cool' destinations


Top 10 Summer Getaways in China

Relax with a trip to these 'cool' destinations


In this summer heat, where cities across China are drenched in sweat, here are five of the Ten Summer Getaways in China ranked by China City Travel, somewhere to get away from the July sun.

No. 1 Kunming 昆明

With the nickname Spring City, Yunnan’s Kunming ranks first this year with its perpetual spring weather, good air quality, and scenic views.

No. 2 Guiyang 贵阳

Guiyang, the capital of Guizhou province, has long enjoyed a reputation for being the perfect summer getaway. Even in the hottest month of July, the city’s average temperature is only 23.7 degrees Celsius. There is plenty of precipitation during the summer, which usually occurs at night, leaving the daytime full of sunshine. The breathtaking natural landscape makes the stay all the more worthwhile.

No. 3 Harbin 哈尔滨

Harbin, the provincial capital of China’s northernmost province is more than a famous brand of beer. The city is famous for its architecture, its lit ice sculptures during the winter, and cool weather during the summer.

No. 4 Heilongjiang Reclamation Area 黑龙江垦区

The Heilongjiang Reclamation Area is an agricultural park where city dwellers can escape to live a quiet and relaxing life in nature. The Area encompasses many of the region’s most beautiful sights, a variety of trees and plant species, modern agricultural farming, and other delightful aspects of nature.

No. 5 Lijiang 丽江

Also located in Yunnan, Lijiang is an ancient town where tourists come to smell the flowers and retreat from the fast-faced modern world. Aside from the town itself, Lijiang also offers views of the Jinsha River, Lugu River, ethnic culture, and local customs.

6. Qingdao 青岛 (seaside resort in Shandong)

7. Xining 西宁 (on the Tibetan Plateau in Qinghai)

8. Yuxi 玉溪 (by Fuxian Lake in Yunnan)

9. Yantai 烟台 (with islands on the Shandong peninsula)

10. Liupanshui 六盘水 (home to several national forest parks in Guizhou)

Check out China City Travel to see the full list.


Cover Image from Pixabay