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Mike Tyson: Who is Chengguan?

Netizens challenge Iron Mike to fight the chengguan


Mike Tyson: Who is Chengguan?

Netizens challenge Iron Mike to fight the chengguan


Joining the trend of Western celebritiy’ Weibo fever (though a little late),  Mike Tyson created an account on Sina Weibo this week. He tweeted his first Weibo yesterday, asking a simple yet professional question that cooked up a storm with the ever satirical Chinese netizens.

tyson 1st weibo


His request for a worthy opponent in China soon went viral. The majority of netizens offered two main contenders: Zhen Zidan/ Donnie Yen (the actor who plays Ip Man) and bullying Chinese security jobsworths, the legendary chengguan (urban management officials).

Read some of the Weibo missives below:

周周周晨剑“Randomly choose a city in China, bring a trolley of watermelon or any fruits to any corners of the city. Then you probably have a chance to casually meet some chengguan who might be interested in beating you.”

我会告诉你这名字很坑爹吗: “BE A MAN! If you really wanna be an opponent against chengguan,you gotta man up and practice all your skills ,and don’t count on them fighting by the  rules. They’ll beat the shit out of you, along with the rules, so you may wanna check your insurance first.”

丨天棒二杆子丨“The best fighter among chengguan is “temporary worker chengguan“. He is always in a state of PowerMax, full life, full magic.”

请叫我达蒙好了“You are late, you missed our Martial Arts Gala! But there are still some skilled fighters, from beginner level to advanced level to extreme level. They are: Master Wang Lin, chengguan, Temporary Worker, Li Tianyi.”

Of course, many netizens took advantage of this opportunity to voice their hidden hope that many of China’s lawful law-breakers might just get a beat down. Many recommending Jet Li, Jackie Chan, and Donnie Yen as potential opponents. Although government demolition teams received lots of honorable mentions as well.

Tyson took interest in all the responses, stating that he had never heard of the great chengguan. But he had (bizarrely) heard of the Chinese dama 大妈 (irritable middle-aged ladies).

Picture 22

It is unclear how Mike Tyson became acquainted with these Chinese  irritable old-ladies (so often relentless in their heated street arguments. Perhaps he has had a few fights in Chinatown.

Donnie Yen, however, did reply to Tyson:  “Love for u to be in Special Id 2! Saw all your fights, awesome!”

In contrast, the chengguan have yet to make a comment, perhaps aware that Tyson might be a little tougher than those who usually suffer their punishment.