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Sketchy Sino Signs

So you think you can read? Chinese signs tell you otherwise


Sketchy Sino Signs

So you think you can read? Chinese signs tell you otherwise


Signs are put up to inform and give directions; that’s what we have always believed anyway. The age old rule: what goes up, must come down, is not always true in China. With lots of things staying up, that should definitely come down.

Signs in the middle kingdom, often have a hard time being helpful. Perhaps all expats have experienced the lack of signs and directions at various events and conventions, such as at the recent Comic Con. But there are times when signs are no help at all (I am talking about English signs here), except for, maybe, brightening up your day; they allow you to take a picture, share it on social media, and exclaim “LOL, READ THIS SIGN!” Check out a few of the more amusing examples below:

Via Buzzfeed.

1. In case of emergencies…


Fire extinguisher (reddit.com)

2. You know, one of those time sex things…


Disposable items (offbeatchina.com)

3. They have the a very special service here


Chinese: if you want to try it on, please ask a clerk for assistance. (offbeatchina.com)

4. Wanna be racist? Find like-minded people at the racist park


Ethnic Minority Park (offbeatchina.com)

5. What Jennifer Lawrence was thinking at last year’s Oscars


Be careful not to slip and fall (chinawhisper.com)


6. You know you (don’t) want to go in there



Construction in Progress

7. Since prices have been soaring…


This is where dried goods are weighed and priced. (chairmanlol.com)

8. Here, laughter is forbidden


Literally, “Engine Room Important Place”. 重地 means the place needs you to be cautious, is protected, or “no trespassing”. (shenzhenstuff.com)


9. How about let’s not…



It is encouraging readers to pee in the urinal. As for the “you are the best,” a literal translation would be “civility you are the best”… (reddit.com)

10. It’s really popular with X-Men


Coconut jelly candy (reddit.com)


For more signage hilarity check out Buzzfeed here.